Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dissecting Sally Wheat's Room, Part 2

My, my, my ... how time flies. I can't believe I've left you hanging for 3 whole days. I'm sorry, but I've been so busy lately. I know it's a lousy excuse, but I promise it's been worthwhile for me and our household. I've still been giving lots of thought to Sally Wheat's Living Room and fielding and answering your emails about the topic as best as I can. Here's some answers to questions and some thoughts ...

Design Credit: Me

This is our living room, which I did a mini-overhaul on last August. I like it, and a lot of you did/do too. The sofa is an Ikea Ektorp loveseat, which was supposed to be a place holder, but turned into a permanent solution when I realized how great it really is. I had Comfort Works make a slipcover for the sofa in a natural linen instead of using the Ikea cotton ones, and I'm having them make another slipcover for me in Ash Gray Velvet. 

Sally Wheat's sofa is actually cream with nailhead trim. She had this velvet slipcover made for the sofa during this latest decor change. An answer to some questions I've gotten about the sofa:

1. Are you selling your sofa?
Sorry - but no, fortunately the sofa is in great shape, and the velvet slipcover is something that I'll be able to use and switch up, when and if another mood comes along.
2. Can I have your old stuff? 
I'm not sure that there will be much "old" to giveaway, as most of my things can be reused in other areas of our home ... but keep your eyes peeled on the blog ... I'll put anything I'm selling or giving away up here first.

Design Credit: Me

These chairs have been with us for almost 6-years. They're comfortable, but huge. The scale has never been good for this room, and while I've known that since we moved them here - there wasn't much I could do to change it without spending money I'd rather spend on something else. Not only do they not work in any other area of my room than where they are right now ... they certainly don't work for the Sally Wheat inspired space.

Designer Credit: Sally Wheat

Sally used this chair upholstered in white linen Italian Fauteuil by Tara Shaw, Maison, and the velvet we talked about on Wednesday. I love this chair - but I can't afford it ... well, don't want to spend money on it. So questions and answers:

1. Are you going to buy the same chair that Sally used, I love it! 
I love it too, but sadly, no ... I'm not going to buy that chair. I'm using it as inspiration.

I decided that I was going to use one of my French Provincial Bergere Chairs, upholstered in white. Sweet, sweet Gina from Slipcover Chic is going to take apart the current cushion cover and make one in white. Her work is so beautiful, and with so much attention to detail, I just know that I'm going to love it. She's also making pillows for me too! 

Design Credit: Me

I took this picture way back in June of last year, when I finished the trumeau mirror above my fireplace ... another piece that Sally Wheat inspired with her family room decor. The chair I'm talking about is in the foreground here, with a really bad slipcover I made for it, copying Joni

I already stripped the chair, and will paint the frame lighter giving me a similar feeling to the Sally Wheat chair without the expense. 

Design Credit: Sally Wheat

Sally used this modern white leather chair with chrome arms and legs in mirror to the french chair. Talk about juxtaposition. I love her style! But I actually like the chairs she had in the living room before this look:

Design Credit: Sally Wheat

These chairs are so beautiful, and have modern clean lines that I really love. In fact, if Sally still had these chairs I'd offer to buy them from her! But, I have had some luck sourcing similar chairs for less. 

My blog friend Joan, used these Ikea Henriksdal armchairs in her breakfast room. While they're meant for dining, the scale is actually very appropriate to my living room. The chair is comfortable, but, I have had hard  time finding these chairs in Ikea's near me. We'll be in Boston in a couple of weeks, and I'll keeping my fingers crossed that they'll have one or two. If not, 

Designer Credit: Loi Thai

Loi Thai, owner of Tone on Tone, used these beautiful slipcovered arm chairs with a cushion in his living room. Again, sized appropriately for a dining room, they fit the narrow structure of his room perfectly. I found these chairs on Overstock which are remarkably similar:

Found: here

These are more expensive and a little larger than the Ikea chair, but the taupe and gray stripes will look good with both my linen sofa and the gray velvet, but I bet my friend Gina could probably make a white cover using this slipcover as a template in no time! 

Designer Credit: Me

We were lucky enough to find this hand painted pub sign from London about 5 1/2 years ago. While the art in Sally Wheat's room is more modern, there is no way I could see this go. Plus it's so huge (6'x4') there isn't anywhere else for me to put it. That slipcover is one that I made to match the ottoman, which I also made:

Designer Credit: Me

Both of these will go to storage. In it's place, I'll look for two ottomans that I can cover in Mongolian fur like Sally's. As for the chair to my desk, I've been giving some though to one of these:

Found: here

These can be rather expensive, but this version is only $165 with free shipping. I've always enjoyed the look of these, and I also appreciate their juxtaposition when paired with beautiful antique pieces:

Photographer Credit: Trine Thorsen

Thoughts? Do any of you have a ghost chairs? Do you like them?