Wednesday, May 16, 2012

CDLV Garden Chores II

It rained today, which, I'm so not going to complain about. But, it did keep me from getting out there and doing the work I wanted to do. 

A couple of years ago I picked up those terracotta chimney liners and decided to use them in the garden. Then, seeing as how convenient it was to have annuals planted in them, I started using more clusters of pots for ease and interest.

Plants in this pic: Dwarf Alberta Spruce (far right);Tuberous Begonia's in pink, Creeping Jenny (tall pot left); Sedum (tall pot right); (some wild pink Columbine popped it's way in there, too!) Boxwood (medium pot right); Red Asiatic lilies (left of medium pot); Pansies in yellow (small terracotta pot front); Stella D'oro lilies (front right).

I'll have more pics of the garden all week, as I get out there and try my best to get it back to beautiful, with a special reveal of the newest garden element, which is a re-envisioned piece of what we used to have. Any guesses?