Friday, May 25, 2012

Dining with Jack, Union Jack

I'm working on another post right now that I really think you're gonna love seeing, but it inspired me heavily to browse for things that are ordinary, but extraordinary in their interpretation. For example:

Interior Design by: Broosk Saib

I love these tufted dining room chairs upholstered in vintage union jack flag fabric. Not only do they look extremely comfortable, they also provide a pop of color with an instant and easily recognizable modern and trendy pattern that just about everyone is using now-a-days.

Interior Design by: Dan Marty

Chairs sold at Howe London

Gorgeous, right? I'm not sure that the Howe chairs are in my budget, certainly not for 4, but I'm pretty resourceful. I might just have something right up my sleeve, the left one ... the right is reserved for cheeto's and diet pepsi! Stay tuned.