Sunday, May 27, 2012


Interior Design by Tilton Fenwick

I was out on Friday sourcing vintage and antique flea for a client, and ran across the most beautiful French inspired sofa, with a chesterfield button tufted back, high arms - almost like a genuine knole sofa, upholstered 100 years ago in a sumptuous orange velvet that has worn down to the perfect humble fray ... gorgeous! And did I mention it had a feather down cushion, and beautiful hand carved feet? It really is the perfect sofa for the right room, a room I don't have or have access to right now.

But have you ever loved something so much you bought it for a time when you hope you'll be able to use it? Or throw caution to the wind, start all over, and build a room around the perfect piece you fell head over hills in love with?

I'm so tempted, in fact, I even took Scott to look at it. With his best "Oh my God, Artie, an orange velvet sofa" face, he said, "buy it if you want it!" It helps that this once $4900 sofa is bargain basement priced for the Memorial Day Weekend. I saw that sofa and instantly thought of Windsor Smith:

She's certainly not afraid of orange, and embraces that high-end bohemian look like no other. I wondered, how much do I have that I'm not using now that would make this one of a kind perfect orange velvet sofa work in my living room? I thought of my beautiful Turkish silk rugs now tucked away in my guest room closet:

Marc Jacobs President, Robert Duffy's Library via ElleDecor

I have two beautiful French bergere chairs that I have been wanting to reupholster. I've even sent the cushions off to my friend Gina of Slipcover Chic while I search for fabric:

Interior Design by Suzanne Rheinstein

And that's really all I have room for. It's not a giant room - so it's not like it would cost a fortune to completely redo it. Plus, now that I'm 30 - eeeek! I said it!!!! - I want to embrace my affinity for color and vintage/antique fabrics. I had my "this relationship is young so I'm not going to test the limits quite yet" phase in the beginning of the story of this house, then I had my "I'll work with what we have and try to make it what I want" phase, which didn't do anything more than aggravate me. I spent some money and did my "everyone has white slipcovers, and maybe if I buy some I'll get more followers on the blog" phase, which worked by the way - but just wasn't right in my 100 year old house with wood I can't paint. Now I'm at my "buy what you love" phase, and I figure if I buy what I love - it won't matter who does or doesn't like it - because I'll love it, and it's my house. You think I'm growing up? Or do I just REALLY want that sofa?

Of course, because the rooms of CDLV are enfilade in style, I'd have to do some minor tweaks to the dining room ... I'm thinking a vintage suzani thrown over the round table:

Interior Design by Miles Redd

And I'd need new fabric for the seats of the dining room chairs ... maybe something in a check, like this stormy blue and white check?

Afterall, I did love Mark D Sikes dining room chairs, featured in House Beautiful a few months back:

So, that's it folks. I think I talked myself into that orange velvet sofa. Now, the shop is closed today and reopens on Sunday. If the couch made it through Saturday evening, then I think she might just end up with a new home at CDLV. What do you think? Are you ready for some color around here?