Monday, June 4, 2012

iPhone Gardening

Blue Endless Summer Hydrangeas in my backyard garden

I've been going at 100 miles per hour this last few weeks, which is always good for those around me, expecting me to pull through, but terrible for my body - as I always, inevitably, shut down. I'm just not as young as I used to be. Since Sunday afternoon I've been in bed - recuperating. It's been nice! But today I had to get up and go outside. Some of the blooms were so beautiful I had to share them with you.  Unfortunately though, my camera was dead - and my iPhone had to do. 

The flowering Dogwood in the Corner of the backyard round garden

Aside from a few photos of curtain rods and a chair or two I've taken with the phone for clients, I've haven't spent a lot of time exploring the camera on the phone - or all the crazy aps they have for photo editing. Scott has the new iPad, a gift I gave him for our anniversary. Talk about great photos! But the iPhone does really well, too! Don't you think?

Part of the new fountain garden in the backyard round garden

There's been so much rain here these past few days that it stopped my garden chores dead in their tracks. Note the shovel leaning against the fence. The mower should come out too - but if I've learned anything from gardening these last few years - it's never mow a wet yard. 

Sorry that's all - not a lot blooming in the garden right now, but in just a few weeks (maybe less) I'll have some great photos to share - maybe taken with the iPhone! Still shocked at the quality of the pictures here, just wish they didn't end up tilted. You have to manually rotate each one. Anyone got a solution or an editing ap they'd like to share with the class?