Monday, July 30, 2012

Thank You

I want to thank each and every one of you who emailed, commented, and prayed for my family during these last few weeks. It's been a difficult and painful journey, and it was heartwarming to know that I had such a thoughtful group of friends keeping up with Color Outside the Lines.

This blog has been a 4-year journey, one that has opened my eyes to so many different types of design and landscapes, each of them reshaping and refining my personal tastes. It has allowed me a platform for experimentation and positive critique without judgement, and given me a steadfast group of mentors I could email and get immediate help with all design crises.

CDLV has been visited by more people than I ever imagined would walk through the door, and I've learned a lot from working around the constraints of this, my first "real" home. I always knew that CDLV would one day be long behind us, a thoughtful bump in the road, and when Scott called me while I was in Texas to say he had found our new house, I have to admit I jumped up and down a little bit.

That's right! We're cutting ties to CDLV, moving onward, upward, and into something more befitting to our  current taste and needs. It's larger, a completely different style, with great potential - but boy does it need work! Over the next few months, I'll be cataloging my thoughts for this new space, Scott is suggesting we call Beech Wood Cottage; and starting next spring, bringing you before and after photos of the space as we make this new home into a great home for us.

Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness and your support. Stay tuned!