Monday, August 13, 2012

BWC Inspiration: Joy Tribout

My very good bloggy friend Deserae, who writes from her gorgeous Kansas home the wonderful blog: Peeking Thru the Sunflowers, emails me almost daily with her projects, and I do the same. With all of the BWC planning, Des has been wonderful in finding me inspiration pictures from her files to drool all over.

Today, she sent me this:
Design Credit: Joy Tribout

I mean, have you ever seen anything this beautiful? Or has this photo plopped along blogland a long time ago, and I missed it? Still - I fell in love immediately. It is perfect inspiration for the rooms at BWC, which I saw again today and let me just say, I left a little dejected. This is going to cost a LOT more than I thought.

I found the designer's website, a wonderful collection of stunning images from this home and others, but it was this one house that stood out to me as essentially perfect.

The opposite side of the room, with more gorgeous custom upholstery and a glimpse at the fireplace wall.

And a better view of the fireplace wall, with the beautiful built-in book storage and television cabinet, and collection of Horse Show trophies and other riding related art/statuary.

The opposite side of the seating arrangement. The room pairs two of my favorites, white and chocolate brown in sumptuous textures that just beg to be touched. Linen sofas, velvet pillows, zebra hide throw pillows, and seagrass rugs ... it's divine! Check out that chair behind the sofa covered in palamino cowhide. A switch from the wingback that was there in just a couple of pictures up. So lovely, and I'm SO JEALOUS!

A better view of that lovely chair, covered in hide. This room is extremely large! But Joy made it feel more cozy with the separate seating arrangements scattered throughout the room, like these and:

And ...

this one. 

Which is actually part of two flanking a set of the beautiful french doors along side another beautiful chair covered in zebra hide. Three lanterns, all in a row, make this hallway more of a gallery than a pass-thru. 

A closer look, looking through the gallery and onto the foyer with its skirted table and even more chairs. I should call this the "chair" house. 

And looking back to that chair, and to the room beyond, shuttered by beautiful glass french doors. I am in love with some many pieces of this house. I could literally move right into this house and live for the rest of my life without changing a thing! Although, the deeper I dig in my picture mission for this post, the more I see changing in the house already! 

This cabinet was switched out for the wood in-lay above. I think I prefer this one more, as it helps relate to the black throughout the space - but who am I to question such loveliness? 

I wish that there were more photos of the foyer. In fact, I wish there were photos of every corner of every room of this house. 

The kitchen is lovely, filled with all of the most beautiful "must haves" everyone wants, including room for a grand island, barstools, and a breakfast area:

The bedrooms are equally lovely, and exquisitely decorated:

Oh, if only!! How grand for a master, with an attached bath of course just as beautifully finished as anyone else:

Now, wouldn't you know that as soon as I say I'd move into right away, I find out the house is for sale. And where do you think it is? Houston? Highland Park? Brentwood, or Belaire? Nope, none other than wealthy infant suburb of Chicago, Caseyville, IL.

Built in 2008, the house is almost 6,000 square feet, three times the size of CDLV and BWC. And many many times more more expensive at $1,300,000. Still, it has me intrigued, longing. I find the interiors beautiful, and in keeping with the tone on tone feeling I'd like to have. But how do you create such a beautifully grand home on a small budget? 

I mean, the chandelier alone retails for almost $1000! My friend Melisa, actually owns this chandelier, and it hangs beautifully in her foyer. The beautiful furniture in the house is a mix of trade only pieces from Century Furniture, a favorite of Jeffrey Bilhuber and Mary McDonald, again WAY out of my budget. But just like anything else - it will not deter me, and I will find a way ... with grasscloth none-the-less! Oh BWC, already driving me to bankruptcy. 

So what do you think? How can you build such beautiful rooms with a modest budget?