Monday, December 17, 2012

My Gray Velvet Slipcover ...

I've been holding out pictures of my house lately. Truth is, I just haven't been very inspired. I've been moving stuff out, bringing stuff in ... trying to get a feeling on where my tastes are taking me. One thing I can always count on, though, is my Ikea Ektorp Loveseat and my slipcovers by ComfortWorks. If you remember, ComfortWorks made my linen slipcover as featured in the Buffalo Spree Home magazine:

They made that slipcover to custom fit the loveseat and shipped it to me quickly and beautifully, and it fit to a T! I blogged about my love for the slipcover and the transformation here. So naturally, when I wanted something new in the house, I went right back to my friends at ComfortWorks and told them what I was thinking. I wanted something velvet, a heavy enough weight for fall and winter, and I wanted it to be tailored in a fun way. Inspired by my musings and the cuff of a very expensive jacket, ComfortWorks rep. Rachel and I picked out what I found to be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!! I hope you will to!

gray velvet slipcover

Room doesn't look the same with living room furniture in it, does it? That's right - this is my dining room - or at least what I used to use as the dining room. I thought I needed a change - and well - this was the easiest way to get it! Behind that big ole' chest is my Ikea Ektorp loveseat and the brilliant, cozy, and perfectly fitted Comfort-Works slipcover in Rouge Ash Gray Velvet.

custom slipcovers for ikea sofas gray velvet comfort works

It fits like a glove, just like the linen slipcover that I have from them, too! It's amazing the quality of the fabric, the sewing, the zippers, the piping. In the sewing world, at least as far as mine goes, I like to tell my fabricators to keep it all "tight", and you can tell that Comfort-Works expects nothing less than that from their fabricators.

The velvet was the perfect choice. I wanted something that would not only be cozy and warm in the winter, but would be equally as chic and cool in the summer. I also knew that I had to have gray, and the ash velvet gray is the most perfect color of gray. It's a little cool, but still sophisticated. Not that childs room blue-gray we all try to avoid! Take a look down at the bottom of the sofa! See those little cuffs? Those are the cuffs I was talking about! Aren't they perfect?

The Ikea slipcovers for Ektorp tend to bell out, and with a heavy fabric like this, even more so. So, the fine ingenious fabricators at Comfort-Works and I were able to come up with this alternative that I think looks so chic!

They snap onto snaps that mask seamlessly into the Ash Gray Velvet and are spaced just perfectly!

As I said before, ComfortWorks always does the best job of  fitting the cushions that come on the Ikea sofa. Anyone who has worked with velvet knows that it is notoriously difficult to work with. Check out how perfect those cushions look!

comfort works slipcover

And there you have it. The change. There's even more ... coming soon. Need a slipcover for your Ikea sofa that has more style and sophistication than what you'll find in the store or on their site? Give ComfortWorks a try! They're fast, friendly, and absolutely the BEST in the biz!