Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snap Widget ...

I have been so busy with a new (old) job, client projects, a show house and Christmas tour, Christmas and New Years, and trying to keep my cross bottle business going that I spent most of the time between August and December in a fog! It wasn't until recently that I noticed that many blogs have added a neat little feature to the sidebar that lets you keep up with them when a new blog post hasn't yet been written.

It's called the Snapwidget through Instagram. And it turns photos from your phone into frequent status updates in photograph form for your site. I found myself being more interested in what some of my favorite bloggers were posting via Instagram over their blog posts! So I knew I had to add it to Color Outside the Lines, if for nothing but to give you something new to see when I take a week or more to update the blog.

It's a real-life, day to day glimpse into my goings-on, and while its not always exciting, it might inspire you in one way or another, and isn't that what this blog is for?

For instance, some of the photos of my process get put on Instagram over the blog - since I'm not quite ready to unveil ... so it's sort of a sneak peek of sorts! I know some of you love those!!

And you can even go shopping with me! Or see the new pieces that arrive at CDLV that I get real excited about! 

So take a look back through some of the recent snaps, and check back in with what's new daily under the follower section of the sidebar. If you're a member of Instagram - you can follow right along with the snaps from me by clicking follow or entering @artieben1982 in your little widget!