Monday, August 4, 2014

William Rankin Mclure IV

Not a familiar name? It should be. So, Friday I left you with beautiful photos of Bill Ingram's designs and told you that I thought in order to work for Mr. Ingram (beautiful as well as talented) you must certainly have to be as beautiful as you are talented. Why do I think that?

well ... look at this picture and tell me where I'm wrong. Photographed for Birmingham Home & Garden, this photo shows Bill Ingram (center) with his two shop keeps and design assistants, Jimmy Laughlin (far right) and the subject of today's blog, William Rankin Mclure IV (far left). I actually first came in contact with William's designs on instagram, and later realized that he worked for Bill. On instagram, William has shown pictures of his beautiful apartment, and we'll get to those. But first, I want to show you the showhouse room that he and Bill did for the 2013 Cathedral Antique's Show House in Atlanta:

Beautiful right? This stone hearth room feels fresh and welcoming with the addition of linen upholstery and large mirrors. I love everything about this room, including the painting above the sofa, which William painted himself. Again, talent upon talent. William shared more photos of the space: 

I like seeing them all together like this, because you can really get a sense of the whole room and its layout. I just love everything about this space, and you can tell that William had a lot to do with the overall look. Why? Well - take a look at his own private home:

Right? And what's even better is the changes that happen in this space. You can tell that William gets tired of things rather quickly, and while this (I think) is the most recent decor of his private home, it's looked very different in the past:

So clearly, his vision and aesthetic was clearly evident in the showhouse room, and honestly, with talent like that, why wouldn't Bill Ingram want to give him free rein? I am really about two minutes from buying concrete urns and filling them with moss for my dining room sideboard.

Most of the art in the many versions of the living room above were created by William, many of which seem to be done in literal hours during bored evenings at home - per his instagram posting. In fact, his dining room went from beautiful bold in blue, to having some whimsical architectural interest ... OVERNIGHT!

So we can all agree that his home is lovely, right? Right! And I'm sure that working for Bill certainly gives him lots of inspiration! Together, he and Bill have created lovely homes for clients:

I'm still IN LOVE with those chairs! Gorgeous! And speaking of gorgeous ...

I mean really? We could be twins, right?

I know. I'm DREAMING! SO. UN. FAIR! 


  1. This guy is amazing! Designer, artist ... bet he sings and plays a musical instrument too!

  2. I seriously just came across this at a party while looking for images on Google for random width wood doors lol. You are entirely too sweet to post this and I really, really appreciate all the kind words and comments. It keeps me going 😉!!!

  3. Ingram's infatuation with young boys is well known in Mt. Brook circles, so his selection of these guys for his office help is not surprising.

  4. Artie, you're no slouch yourself! (in looks or talent)

  5. Artie, you're no slouch yourself! (in looks or talent)

  6. Great photographs you have done here . So like these .


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