Wednesday, November 2, 2016

William Rankin McLure IV on One Kings Lane

Nine months ago, William Rankin McLure quit his job with Birmingham architect, Bill Ingram, to focus on his own career as an artist. It's not as if we didn't know his name back then. He's been credited with some of Ingram's most popular show house spaces. But today, with over 12,000 instagram followers growing by the hundreds daily, a list of commission clients, art hanging in stores and designer rooms featured in Architectural Digest, I think it's safe to say that he made a very good decision.

Many of you know that I love William's personal aesthetic. It's light and fresh, and ever changing. I follow along with his instagram more than any other, checking in specifically to his feed every day for updated images of his new loft space.

At the end of October, William moved from his apartment in an antique home in Birmingham, to a large loft in Birmingham's historic loft district. The week prior, One Kings Lane was at his door to take these last photos of the apartment that has captivated instagram.

I'm incredibly jealous that William moved the same weekend that I did, and without having any time to pack up his things prior to the move, was all set up in the new place in a matter of what seemed like only hours. He either had lots of helping hands, or he is as magical as he appears on instagram.

This seems pared down for William, who has played with nearly every single furniture configuration possible in this large living room. Because I respect his work greatly, and find reviewing the old photos inspiring and fun, I thought that it might be fun to do a little timeline of how these rooms evolved over his time in the apartment. We will start with the before pics and lead up to these shots taken by Frank Tribble for OKL. I'll do my best to capture photos with similar angles so that you can really see the changes from one photo to the next, and I'm working with instagram and his website, so I'm doing my VERY best to keep this all in order! Warning, this a photo heavy post! 

Update! I wanted to communicate to everyone that the above image was what the apartment looked like with the prior occupants' furniture inside. Wall to wall carpeting, plastic mini-blinds, all standard issue for apartments. Going forward, you'll see how William turned the place into his own! 

Sometimes it's huge changes, sometimes it's as simple as different flowers, or a change in the art placement - but you can guarantee that if he's posting new photos of the apartment - there's something new to see! FABRIC INFORMATION UPDATE: Since it's been asked. The blue version that had appeared on the sofa, and the brown version that you see on the chairs is Lee Jofa, Indian Zag. The fabric can be purchased at a discount price here. 

UPDATE! This is an image of the apartment prior to William moving in. Below, you'll see more pictures of how he made the unit his own. 

That far wall seemed to be a great wall for William to hang his paintings on. As did this one: 

There really weren't many pics of Williams kitchen before, so we will skip that. Onto the bedroom:

So far, there hasn't been much posted in the way of the interiors of the new loft. William posted on his instagram that he wanted to wait until the new drapery track and curtains were hung before he posted pics of the new space. He did tease us a little though, with his new table from Holland and Co., in Atlanta, and his AMAZING craigslist find:

Obviously this is a photo of a chair. He scored 8 of these for only $300 on Craigslist! But also in this picture you can see his newly painted floors, and in the far background, a glimpse into the kitchen. His four Eames style wire chairs lined up at a harvest table. Behind the chair you can see the base of his Regency style table from Holland and Co..


I hesitated posting this picture, because I already look like an insane stalker I'm obsessed, with the lengthy post on his prior apartment, but it fits so well into this story - I couldn't leave well enough alone. Here's a glimpse into the loft. It's a massive space, and you can already see that his options for arranging furniture are limitless! I love this configuration of furniture to the left, with those chairs opposite the chaise, and the square coffee table back in play, filled with fresh flowers and design books! 

I hope you had as much fun as I did taking a trip down memory lane. It's so inspiring to see someone with so much talent and zest for change make the same place feel new and beautiful over and over and over again. I wish him the best of luck with his new place, and of course, I'll be following along and posting pictures of it I'm sure.

Now, there's a reason I gave you such a meaty post! For the next few days I'll be MIA! I know, I know! I have got a few more things to complete around the apartment, and I'll also be hard at work in the Cross Bottle Guy studio. But I will be back on Monday with tons of progress pics and pics of new bottles to share!

Plus, inspired by William, Mark, and others who have been trending on instagram with pics of their projects and home, I have decided to start with instagram again. I'll add the app follower on the side bar, so you'll be able to keep up with the progress pictures as they come along, before they are shared here on the blog in most cases! If you want to follow along now, and start that journey with me, feel free to do so! You can find me here!

Stay inspired! Talk soon! 


  1. Wow Artie,
    A fabulous post as tribute. Having grown up in the south, I can say that there are many southern gentlemen who are just smothered in taste and style, and WRM is one of them. A lot of it has to do with the mother also having fabulous style and taste. So excited to see your enthusiasm and love of all the decoration and art we are all so crazy about!

    1. Thanks Dean! I need to move down there!

  2. William McLure , oh yes ! Is there an image of these rooms not to like ?
    Curious what made his style so mature suddenly , because the very early pics of the room are not special at all .
    His art work but also his selection of furniture and colour is so aesthetic .
    I agree , he is on my list first and so inspiring .
    Can't wait to see every angle of his new loft . F

    1. His loft is coming together really nicely, he posted a night time photo of it last night, I should update this post, but I feel like I've already shown that I'm stalker enough. And I just want to also say, that the before shots (with the terrible furniture and SMU flag) were prior to him moving into the unit. It was the old occupants furniture.

  3. What an inspirational post for all of us decorator wannabes who see a designer and assume that they got it right the first time. So great to see how style develops and the "mistakes" along the way!

  4. Who is the fabric formerly on the sofa and now on the chairs by?

    1. Hi Liza, Lee Jofa makes it. Called Indian Zag, designed by Suzanne Rheinstein. You can buy it through Hollyhock, or at a discount via inside fabric:

  5. Hi Liza, the fabric is Suzanne Rheinstein Indian zag by Lee Joffa.

    Artie, Fabulous post as always!

    1. Whoops! Sorry, just saw this. :) Isn't that fabric beautiful!? Thanks so much Msamuels for reading!

  6. I love this. I had no idea who he was, absolutely love his taste. I have a major love for cranberry + blue & white, so I'd say that is my favorite. But can see how that'd be hard to live with in the spring and summer. Enjoy your writing break.

  7. I agree with Dean Farris and Love the pictures with the Dog in them

  8. He's soooo talented (and so gorgeous!) LoVE every single room! And love that his pup is in so many photos. That apartment was to die for, but I'm sure the loft has more space for his art. Loved the tour Artie! xxoj

  9. Lovely. Thank you for posting these inspiring images. And an extra special thank you for providing the fabric resource. Looking forward to seeing what you've done.


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