Saturday, March 27, 2010

Definitely Worth the Half Hour

Occasionally, I find the time to listen to the very popular Skirted Roundtable discussions. I obviously would listen every time if I could fit it into my suddenly very busy schedule - but alas. Today, however, I'm so glad that I popped over and I would encourage all of my readers (especially bloggers) to take a 30-minute break from the day and listen to the discussion. The Roundtable Ladies make excellent points.

The topic: Is Design Becoming a Blood Sport? And they pick up where Stephen Drucker, editor in chief for House Beautiful leaves off in his April 2010 letter. I'm sure most of you read the short but poignant note that has suddenly become quite controversial. When you have the opportunity to capture the eyes, hearts, and minds of millions on the inside page of one of America's most popular and favorite shelter mags - is this the right type of "announcement" to make.

I have to stand by my header here, and clap my hands for Mr. Drucker and the ladies of the Roundtable. Druckers last sentence: "As much as I like good decorating, there are some things I like even more: individuality and an open mind" is exactly the subtext of Color Outside the Lines. Be an individual, keep an open mind, and don't edit your creativity.

I am the first to tell you that I have a fragile ego. I think that all artists do. I take comments, whether critical, creative, or constructive and examine all of them against the work I've done. While most of the comments on my blog have been sweeter than sweet, (because I have the absolute best readers!!) some haven't been. And it's those comments that will often make an artist edit their creative outlook, or even worse - stop sharing all together.

Edited to add: A blogger and friend, Delores of Vignette Design commented: Remember what your mother said: "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!" As long as we can feel free to be our creative selves, we must allow other's the same freedom. --Delores

I immediately wrote back to Delores and told her that I was going to add this to the post because not only do I think she makes a valid point, the words complete wrap up my thoughts and put it into just a few words: As long as we can feel free to be our creative selves, we must allow other's the same freedom.

I encourage you all to check out the post at SRT, and do me a favor, say something nice to someone today!


  1. Hi Artie,
    I just finished listening to TSR discussion this morning too. Very thought provoking! When I read Mr. Drucker's letter, I felt he was specifically talking about how design has gotten so snarky with reality TV design competitions, and the recent competition with the NYC windows. I haven't seen meanness on blogs though. Most people are so nice and complimentary. Or they move on and don't say anything. Remember what your mother said: "If you can't see anything nice, don't say anything at all!" As long as we can feel free to be our creative selves, we must allow other's the same freedom. --Delores

  2. This post was very timely for me, Artie, as I am having a decorating dilemma which I have posted about today. Any input you may have will be greatly appreciated.


  3. HI! I also listened to the audio this morning .... We have enough turmoil in this world without bloggers being mean to each other. Hope your weekend is a good one!

  4. I listened this morning too, Artie. I HAVE noticed what Stephen Drucker is talking about. I could never understand the purpose of being nasty. A reasonable, well thought out critique can be beneficial, but personal attacks and just plain mean have no place in the artistic and/or professional world-or in Blogland!
    xoxo Pattie

  5. I listened to it this morning too. I think my Mom would be proud because she taught me the same thing and I've never left a mean comment on anyone's blog. I just don't get why people do that.

  6. Artie,
    I think the point that all decorating is a vision of an 'artist' is the key to the conversation. An artist's own eye is usually the most critical. I haven't seen the 'letter' or heard the 'round table', but I can honestly say that most of there are plenty of design's in shelter mags and on TV that I absolutely couldn't live in even for a vacation, however I understand that people's taste in design is as wide and diverse as their taste in clothing and jewelry or art. Culture and history also play a huge roll in design.
    I couldn't begin to take someone's design apart piece by piece...I have to agree that it is personal and creative process. Something that doesn't appeal to me personally, certainly will appeal to someone else...and isn't that a beautiful thing? Otherwise it would be like a 'Stepford' life in a 'Stepford' neighborhood with everyting the same.
    I can comment on all the attention that HGTV devotes to real estate programs. It was fun for a while...but I miss that 'how-to' and home decorating shows. Enough already with the sell your home stuff!
    ..and as a side note...I really miss the 'Country Home' magazine and 'Country Style' HGTV show... I've said my peace...:-) Tami E.

  7. Hi Artie, I have had a few really snarky comments left on occasion. I just send them to the trash and try not to let it bug me.
    What seems weird is that people actually take the time to think up mean things to comment on a blog, in which the probably have no real interest.

    Are there some pills for that kind of illness?

    Thanks for the great thoughts, xx kelley

  8. Snarky-----I like that word.In the right context,that is.
    Why are some people snarky about the way people like to live and what they like to live with? Wouldn't the world be a boring place without individualism?Who am I to judge what someone chooses to live with?Not everyone has the same taste as I.And who am I to judge anyone's taste?They might(some probably do)think my taste stinks.
    Can't people just chill?

  9. Hi Artie~ ~ ~Just stopped by to catch up with you. I haven't listened yet but it's on my very long list of things to do.

    If I don't agree or like something someone has posted to their blog so what! It's their blog and they can say and do and even decorate as they choose. Let's just all please be nice to each other. There is enough pain in the world. Kindness counts.

    You certainly do have a plate full right now. I'm sending you thoughts of energy, clarity and good wishes for your week.

    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  10. Hi Artie, I haven't listen to the show but I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Living in the world of art myself, I have found that there are many egos out there trying to prove themselves by using judgment. But I have learned that I can not take it personally, I just can't. I realized that what I do, is because it is my joy to express myself and share my passion with others. So I love what I do, and I do what I love, and through my work I live this love moment by moment weather others appreciate it or not.
    Ultimately, if people have nothing kind to share, it's because they are missing their own richness and we have to feel compassion for them.
    I admire your beautiful work and your strength to share your richness with others; thank you!

  11. Hi Artie - thanks so much for the shoutout to SRT and for continuing the conversation. I think that was Mr. Drucker's ultimate goal - to make people think and he certainly succeeded!

  12. HI! thanks for this shout out - mighty nice of you.
    snarky snarky - you should read the comments on our blog! ouch.

    congrats on your blog stats. !!!!!