Tuesday, September 14, 2010

TUESDAY: Inspiring Spaces by Scot Meacham Wood

It should be a crime to be so handsome AND talented! Scot Meacham Wood, San Francisco based designer, is definitely one of my favorite designers/bloggers. His rooms are refreshing, colorful, personal, and sharply appointed.

Almost a perfect example of the "new" traditionalist, Scot's designs are informed by classic styles but are fit for modern day. Getting a start with Ralph Lauren Polo, Scot learned a lot about design, space planning, and styling ... building rooms with different themes, styles, and aesthetics - and oddly enough, it's how he got his start in designing for his own clients.

A musician, a vocalist, a designer, and a talented writer of his blog: the adventures of tartanscot Scot has a seemingly boundless amount of talent that definitely deserves his feature after feature after feature ... well, you get the point.

So without further ado, here's more of his portfolio, and for more of his beautiful spaces check out his beautiful blog and website. See you Thursday with pictures of the house! Yes, I finally got it all figured out.


  1. OMG I LOVE these rooms! Thanks Artie!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. What amazing designs.
    Does he have a book?

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  3. I always think his work is spectacular...like he walked around in my head and found everything I love and put it into his rooms! I don't miss his blog posts!

  4. WOW! And WOW again! He is handsome AND talented. He was certainly blessed with a phenomenal sense of style. Thanks for the blog promo-I will go check it out! Hugs to you, Artie- Diana

  5. It's so nice to see a designer using color AND pattern. Love the plaid! It seems so many are using so many neutrals and solids that the rooms are void of any personality but these are absolutely stunning. Very masculine looking, which some of us with men living in our homes have to think about when decorating..:) Love it, love it!

  6. Scott does do great work.
    I love that you posted on this Artie, thanks.His look is so warm and comfy.

  7. Hi Artie,
    So very beautiful and rich looking Scot's designs are.
    I noticed the first photo floor plan is simular to mine. I have a 700 sq foot all purpose front room, with windows and french doors on either side of the wall also and used soft white curtains. I also divided my room up into living spaces. Pop over and see what I mean about our rooms being simular, now in no means am I saying that my room is as beautiful and elegant as this one is, but just so simular I had to tell you about it..
    If you would like to see my front room just pop over and scroll down a few posts...My husband and I just purchased this home 4 months ago and are still putting our personality's into it.
    Have a wonderful day!

  8. Scot is one of my favorite designers right now. In a world of grey and more grey, Scot uses color and pattern, including my favorite plaids. Someday I hope to meet him in person, as we live in the same area.
    Loved the images of the hallway with books, the plaid wallpaper and the room with the brown check club chairs. I could stare for hours! So beautiful. Thank you for featuring him today.

  9. I've been a follower of Scot's for a while now and really love his work. Anyone can do a neutral room but it takes talent to use color. Takes for the wonderful post!

  10. I jump on the band wagon of those above who are loving seeing something other than neutrals. I've been a Scot fan for quite some time and visit his portfolio often for inspiration. His look is definitely his own and he owns it well.

  11. Gorgeous photos of Scot's rooms. Did you know he's quite clever at writing too? His blog is always fun and fresh. Shiree'

  12. I love following his Blog. Always something fun.

  13. Lovely lovely at every turn, How warm and inviting. Again great layering, love all the color the textures, absolutely a home I would feel welcomed in,

  14. Artie, I've just been scrolling back through your blog and getting so much inspiration. What beautiful interiors you have posted. I enjoyed my scroll. laurie