Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday: Three Things ...

Hi everyone! I'm helping Scott with his Open House today til' 5pm, so my Sunday faves are up a little later than usual.

1. The Ghost Chair at a Bargain Chair Price: $135.00
I've been looking for an office chair that will be sturdy enough, and comfortable enough to take long bouts of use and still be beautiful. Because my alcove of an office space is only about 25 square feet, I figured that a ghost chair would be the perfect solution!

Now, thanks to Interior Express, the Ghost Chair is affordable for almost all budgets - and they even come in black and ivory! Take a look, and if you have one of these chairs, email me or leave a comment to let me know how you like them!

2. Calico Corners New Fabrics: $25.99 and up

I probably haven't been in the local Calico Corners store in over 4-months. I've not needed to shop for fabric, and really haven't had the time to go just for fun. I did pop in this past Wednesday, though and I was very pleasantly surprised at some of the beautiful new stuff they had in store and for order. (Click on Picture to see the fabrics in the collection.)

And lastly, this week my phone broke. Good ol' Lotus just up and shut down, with no warning, right in the middle of a telephone call. So, I had to get another one and I'm absolutely loving my new:

3. Sprint's HTC EVO 4g

Although I haven't figured out all of the lovely features that it has, and I can't get all of my contacts to move over ... I'm rather fond of it already, and keep touching it just to make sure it hasn't gone the way of the lotus. If you're a EVO carrier, email me with tips and tricks you've learned along the way! I'd greatly appreciate it! :)

Monday I'll have a picture or two from my Home Office - still in shambles thanks to this week of hard labor helping Scott clear out the house from you know where. Stay tuned, and happy shopping!


  1. What a steal for the ghost chair! Can't wait to see pictures.

    I have the Wilmington Multi fabric (pictured on the chair) as pillows on my yellow couch. Thank you TJ Maxx!

    Thanks for your reply--am writing back soon.

  2. My son just got his new EVO this weekend, and is singing its praises. He's loving the comparative shopping feature - checking all the books at B&N, then seeing what Amazon sells them for. Hope you enjoy yours, also. Sally

  3. Hey Artie!

    Love that ghost chair. I do think it would be perfect for a small office. Wonder how comfortable it is for long sit-upons!

    That fabric is beautiful. I haven't been to a Calico Corner in ages. I heard that they don't stock fabric anymore? Everything is by special order-is that so?

    I really love that study in blues you showed..the navy is marvelous...and very rich looking.

    Have fun with your new phone. My sil is the district manager for the Milwaukee area for ATT&T so you can guess what we all use...except for me...I am still stuck with (and like) my old SmartPhone...the one that snaps shut and I can say the name & it dials it for me? yeah..I am all about that! Plus, I am too lazy to have to learn a new system..

    Hugs Artie- I hope Scott's open house went well...and that you guys have a nice evening! Diana

  4. So I am locked into Sprint for 2 more years and even though I would love to have an iPhone since I am an Apple fanatic, I really want to keep up with how this phone works for you.

    Talk to you in a week.

    P.S. Ghost chair a dream to sit in for long lengths of favorite and I have a semi wide backside!

  5. love love love that first chair - yummy :) Le

  6. Just left a comment 'on your Joy of Staging' post. Hopefully the Open House went well!

    Re the Ghost chair, I think it would be more than suitable for a small space. Cannot give my opinion on comfort or durability, but perhaps if you did a websearch you might find ratings on them. (Good luck!) -Brenda-

  7. Incredible gorgeous colour. Thanks for sharing the pix and your knowledge!
    We have some collections of teak indoor furniture made of solid teak wood from Indonesia.
    Thank you.

  8. ghost chairs are perfect for small spaces - especially in clear! they also can be stacked (at least 7 will stack on top of one another)!

  9. Hey there. So glad I found you, I'm in Buffalo too, wondering if there were other local design blogs around!

    Maybe we can connect sometime.

    Great tips, especially on the ghost chair. I was thinking about getting one of those recently.