Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Book Review: Segreto Style

Leslie Segreto is a powerhouse! Recently, my friend Joni, the author of the insanely popular Cote de Texas, wrote: "I have long been convinced that the owner of Segreto, Leslie Sinclair, is actually the Wizard of Oz behind the most beautiful houses in Houston - and more."  I can't think of a better way to describe her myself. 

If you didn't already know, Segreto Finishes specializes in custom paint treatments and decorative finishes. They can paint anything, and they have! Leslie's website and portfolio shows the breadth of work, from furniture and wallpaper illusions, to custom kitchen cabinet finishes and ceiling treatments. I am convinced there is nothing that Leslie and her team of artists cannot transform into a masterwork ready for debut in interiors of any style. Segreto Style, along with her two other books: Segreto Secrets and Segreto Vignettes is proof of the incredible talent and artistry of her inimitable team.

Between the three titles, there are more than 940 pages of one beautiful room after another, each of which was touched by the expert Segreto Finishes brush. Leslie was kind enough to send me a signed copy of Segreto Style after reading that I didn't have one in my review of her newest book, Segreto Vignettes. Leslie is as kind and generous as she is talented, and passionate about the art of interiors, and I am beyond thrilled to have a complete set of her published work. 

Leslie and her team work with all of the finest interior designers in Houston and beyond, and her books capture the beauty of not only the work of Segreto Finishes, but of these very talented interior designers. Prepare yourself, for inspiration overload: 

There are over 300 pages of rooms just like these in Segreto Style, each image absolutely stunning in nearly every range of interior design style. Published in 2014, all of these rooms are magazine cover worthy today, and that's the power of decorative treatments - they're universal, and timeless! If they're right, they work in every house, every room, every style - and in my opinion, Leslie and her team at Segreto Finishes can do no wrong. 

I encourage you to look at Leslie's website, and to read my reviews of her other books, Segreto Secrets and Segreto Vignettes

You can purchase all three of Leslie's books on her website at a discount, here: 

You can also order them individually from the website, or on Amazon, below: 


  1. WOW! I was reading you, one of my favorite bloggers and was so excited and surprised to see Segreto Style and humbled by such a lovely review. Thank you ever so much!!!FYI Segreto Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors is sold out and the three pack is three of Segreto Vignettes for gift giving. Again thank you ever so much--I am forever appreciative!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxoxo

  2. These decoration looks gorgeous . Feeling inspired after see ing this post .


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