Thursday, October 18, 2018

Chintz, and Wicker, and Chinoiserie oh MY! A peek ...

There are so many pieces left to finish in this puzzle, but the living room is starting to come together. Once I get it all finished, I'll have to make time for photos one weekend during the day - and give you all a big before and after. Til' then, you can follow along on instagram for sneak peeks here.

Fingers crossed I finish it before Christmas! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Ode to Mario

Today, we lost a legend in interior design. 

Mario Buatta was hailed for decades as the Prince of Chintz, his rooms were brilliantly English, richly decorated, with pattern overload and a sophisticated glitz that still made you feel welcome, cozy. He shaped the world of interior design, inspiring designers all over the world, including one of today's most popular, Mark D. Sikes.

"No house is ever completed" he would say, "you're constantly changing, adding, collecting." And that's so very true. I thought that in honor of his brilliant touch and ever lasting contributions to interior design, I'd post my favorites of his mile long catalog of work.

He will be forever remembered as a creative genius. You can pick up a copy of the master volume of his book, printed by Rizzoli, covering 50-years of his work on Amazon via the link below.