Monday, October 27, 2014

Space to Fill - Vol 3. Issue 7

Hey everybody! Happy Monday!
2014 has been a wonderful year for me, full of positive changes that have made me a happier and healthier person. I've been forced to make decisions that were incredibly difficult, but the result has been worth the pain and suffering, and I can testify to the "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger" adage that our mothers, and grandmothers before them always told us as children.
I'm not finished making changes. Some things take longer than others to change. The shift isn't as quick, the choice isn't as easy. We all deal with things in our own time, and while I am a Type A overachiever, who prefers to have everything done perfectly, and right away, I know that taking time to make this particular decision is best.
With that said, here's what I'm inspired by today. Beautiful, neutral living spaces.
Specifically the loft apartments of Laurann Claridge, Michelle Niday, and blogger Grant Gibson.

Loft by Michelle Niday

Apartment by Laurann Claridge

Apartment by Grant K. Gibson
All photos sourced via Pinterest.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Space to Fill - Vol 3. Issue 6

They called me back!
For those of you unfamiliar with how the audition process goes, typically you attend an open call for a show where you audition with sides (lines from the script) of characters you may have no interest in playing, and music that best shows your range and talent. This open call is for all actors, equity and non-equity (meaning part of a union of actors, and not part of a union) and could be in front of all of the open call attendees, or as part of scheduled auditions with the core staff of the show: producer, director, musical director, choreographer, stage manager.
The second part of this process is called, call backs. Call backs are essentially that, they call you back in to read for a part in the show that they feel your open call audition best suited you to, and if there is music in the show, they want you to sing the music for the character they're thinking you should play.
Call backs do not mean you're cast in the show, however, they are promising, and present a second opportunity for you to really show your talent and give them all you've got! So, when I got my call back last night for the part of Warner, the part I REALLY want to play, I jumped up and down a little bit, and naturally, rushed here this morning to tell all of you!
This weekend I'll be really good! I'll exercise, I'll rest my voice, I'll not drink, and I'll think positive thoughts, and do a little role research. So to that end, indulge me won't you - while we go Harvard prep on the blog today!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Space to Fill - Vol 3. Issue 5

Some of you know that for a long time, a LOOOOOOONG time, I was a stage actor. I loved it, and played the leading actor in shows like Barefoot in the Park, Hello Dolly, and many, many others. I also did a movie and several commercials, but I love to be on stage. When we moved here from Texas, however, the theatre scene wasn't easy to crack. They auditioned several months, (even a year) before a show even went into rehearsal, and I couldn't forge commitments to things that far in advance. Eventually, the whole idea of being on stage again just faded into the background, until recently.

On Monday, I auditioned for a part in the stage Musical of Legally Blonde. If you haven't had the opportunity to see it, MTV hosted a stage performance of the broadway show where they recorded the entire thing, and it's available on youtube here. I highly recommend you watch it if you were a fan of the movie. It was a great stage transfer.

Anyway, I've been anxiously waiting to hear if I was selected for call backs, and it's got me feeling those tingles and tickles that I forgot theatre had the magical way of doing. So, while I sit here with fingers and toes crossed ... I thought I'd think good thoughts and throw some pink out into the universe. I hope you don't mind!


All Images via Pinterest.