Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Remember This Guy?

A while back, I did a post on a designer that was as attractive as his work, John Jacob Zwiegelaar. His South African design company, John Jacob Interiors, has an impressive portfolio of work, most of which has been shared all over the internet, on blogs and pinterest.

I mean - really? REALLY! His designs are just as gorgeous, with a body of work that spans several years you can see how John grew into the designer that he is today. The press seemed to be a little quiet state side about John the last couple of years, but he recently uploaded a new project that is absolutely stunning, and I wanted to share that with you here.
The house was featured in Conde Nast's House & Garden South Africa, in May of 2015, and is situated in the Cape Town, South Africa suburb of Constantia. Famed for its wine, Constantia sits in a valley at the foot of the Constantiaberg mountain. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Inspired by Vicente Wolf

As you know, well - you may know, Arlo and I are moving to a new apartment. It's more dog-friendly, in a more walkable neighborhood. It's not as nice as this apartment, the rooms are less formal and the floors are carpeted with a moderately neutral wall-to-wall (giving up these hardwood floors is going to be tough). But when you're renting ... how's the song go? You can't always get what you want, but sometimes, you get what you need?

Anyway - last night, I worked on upholstering some chairs I bought in Lancaster, PA this summer, and found myself in a bit of a pickle. The fabric I chose, a wool suiting fabric in the most gorgeous of mushroom/gray/brown, did not work at all with the finish on the chair, a French bergere chair with a Louis XVI rounded back, and beautiful carved detail. I was in the car, on my way back to the fabric store to pick something else, when Vicente Wolf rescued me (metaphorically) and I headed to Home Depot instead!

Vicente Wolf's Manhattan Apartment
There are times when a room will stick with me. I'm sure it happens to all of you, too. A room that you can recall the fabric, the layout, the art, the floor, the windows - even more minute details, like the orchids, or the art on chairs, the gilt wood furniture with that gorgeous mushroom upholstery. You see where I'm going with this?
So, yes - instead of changing the upholstery, I changed the finish of the chair. Up all night, starting the gilding process. Here's where I left it:
Sorta looks like a scene from Dexter in my dining room right now, but the chair is dry and I think all that's left to do is a little waxing, and the upholstery can start. Now, back to Vicente. The apartment is amazing, and has been done and redone a lot - so, because I'm totally inspired by it again, and I was going to research all of this for myself anyway - here's a mass of photos of the apartment in its various design stages, all very beautiful, very neutral, very layered, very Wolf. Enjoy!
I believe (and I could totally be wrong, feel free to correct me) that the infatuation with Vicente Wolf and his Garment District loft in NYC came after an Elle Décor feature in 2008. Vicente has been creating rooms since 1988, and has published three books, one in 2002, one in 2006, and another in 2010, but the Elle Décor article is where I seem to be able to start the initial photography:

I think these may be some of the most circulated pictures on the net. But in 2009, things had already started to change. The Wall Street Journal did a feature on Twin Lofts, and we start to see things move from room to room, and upholstery changing colors:

Veranda magazine came in shortly after and did a feature as well:

Not too much had changed. But in 2010, Vicente shared this pic of his apartment on his blog, and we see the daybed is no longer in the living room:
New York Social Diary did an interview here, and got these photos of his apartment in 2011:

In 2013, Rue Mag, an online publication did a tour and interview with Wolf, and in just those 2 years, you already see the apartment start to change a bit:


In 2014, Vicente had his home featured in NYC's NBC4, and their Open House feature:

These professional photos of the Loft were taken by One Kings Lane in April of 2015, during a tour they did as part of a sale of similar furnishings curated by Vicente:


But perhaps the most current photos of the loft, were from July of 2015, taken by Paloma of La Dolce Vita blog fame. She only shared photos of the bedroom, but they were beautiful: