Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tag Sales Story #2

G in CT emailed me with quite possibly one of the most clever re-use projects I've ever seen. Living in an older home, I can relate to G's problems with finding suitable yet modern design that is fitting to the architecture, age, and natural patina these old houses have. G, however, has a home in Connecticut with portions built in 1790 - a good 120 years on my old 'beaut.

So imagine how you might transform a small half bath, renovated in the 1960's to look something like a psychedelic nightmare into a beautiful, modern, yet timeless looking bath? It took vision, research, and an idea that not many people would have ever considered.

G found this very expensive stoneforest.com sink and pedestal combo to be just the look the small half bath needed. Immediately after seeing this picture I thought there was no way that someone could recreate this on a budget. Not even the savviest of shoppers. G proved me wrong.

On a trip to Brimfield, one of the largest antique markets in the country (held in Central Mass.) G happened upon a New York City vendor who sold stone sinks. They were large, the variety you might see in the gourmet kitchen of a multi-million dollar Colorado lodge/home, certainly too big for G's small half bath. But it didn't stop G from asking the vendor if perhaps he had something a bit smaller. Previously overlooked, he showed G the most perfect rectangular stone sink, just big enough to wash your hands. G played the bargain card - unsure of the product even though G knew it was THE sink! Looking to unload it, the vendor gave a very good deal.

Once home with the stone sink, G put it atop a $5 table purchased at the family Dr's estate sale, and then used a piece of old slate picked up from the side of the road to serve as a back splash and faucet base. A plumber, some pipe, and a less than $500 later:

I was simply shocked! It's actually MORE beautiful than the inspiration piece from Stone Forest, and every piece of it has a story. From the base purchased by G's mother at the family Dr's sale, to the bargaining tactics used to score the fantastic stone sink - which, G says has a fossil embedded in the base! How great is that?

This set up is perfect for a 1790's home with modern flare. It's interesting, textural, natural, and sophisticated - all of the things I feel makes good design. So, if you love G's sink, and would like to vote, please leave a comment in the comment field here.