Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tag Sales Story #3

I had to start this post off a little differently than the prior Tag Sales Stories. Searching through craigslist I came across this $15 listing:

An old headboard, loose of it's rails and footboard, no mattress, no boxspring. $15.

It is posts like these on craigslist that often make me lose interest in the site. Items that clearly should be donated or thrown away rather than trying to sell them for pennies. But today, thanks to Marian, or 'D' from D's Daydreams, I look at this and other items on craigslist with a new set of much more creative eyes!

When D moved into her home, the bathroom was your quintessential 1970's bathroom, with wallpaper, counter to ceiling mirrors over the vanity, enough ugly to scare small children, and D hated it! She knew after taking out a step ladder every week to clean the top of the mirror that something had to be done!

With her handy hubby, D transformed a king sized headboard she purchased for $75 at a garage sale into a custom mirror installation that has the feel of custom cabinetry, and is much more to her liking. (Mine too!)

As you can see, this was initially a three pannelled piece, having the same variagated wooden panels you see in the center (between the two mirrors). With D's brilliant thinking along with Handy Hubby's vigor, the other two panels were removed and replaced with mirrors. Additional pieces were added to the sides to make the piece work for the width of the space, but the decorative molding you see at the top of the piece was a part of the previous king sized headboard.

I saw these pictures and my heart fluttered. It takes the eye of someone truly willing to color outside the lines to see this, in what I found on craigslist for just $15. A little imagination, elbow grease, and paint can help almost anything take new form, and D has shown us that with this amazing transformation.

But her bargaining doesn't end there on this remodel. Her lights with beautiful shades: a clearance item at Lowes. The hardware: Ebay. And to give the whole vanity a supremely custom look, Handy Hubby even re-used the pieces of variagted wood to cover the fronts of the drawers below.

An absolutely perfect solution, and one that I am proud to say I will put in my book of inspirations after today's post. Marian emailed me several of her and Handy Hubby's project pictures, each of them just as inspirational as this. I wanted to post them all here, but felt it more deserving to have each of you hop over to D's Daydreams and take a look at some of the pictures there. Be sure to drop her a nice note, and if you're as amazed by this transformation as I am - leave a note in the comment box here.