Friday, January 9, 2009

Lighting Will Never Be The Same

I absolutely love it when a reader or friend, and in this case both, sends me ideas for their home or for my blog via e-mail, or in the comments section of a post. G in Ct, e-mailed me a few days ago and said simply: "Hope all is fine, I am so much hoping you make Design Star."

He also included a link which we'll get to, but first - some fun. What do you think the bathroom below is missing? Hint: It's not me - although, I wouldn't complain if someone dropped this in my home.

This room is gorgeous, from the mosaic tile floors, to the carerra marble vanities, the custom cabinetry, and those gorgeous, ultra-chic, ultra-long curtains. But there is something this room could use. Have you guessed it?

Well, I'll be! Just imagine the punch you'd get out of this gorgeous sleeve cover reflecting in that vanity mirror? A great compliment to the drapes - don't you think? And certainly much more fun than the white plastic that is there now. I know, this isn't for some of you ... but for those of you who are in the market for sleeve covers - I think G has found the place!
Before we get there though, what about this room? What is it missing?

The pop of color from those chartreuse bedside tables against the brown and white palate is just amazing, don't you think? No - you won't be able to move those from room to room, but a gallon of paint will take them anywhere you need to go! But something is missing in this picture ...

Yes, this! The light fixture in the room is a little too small, and a little too dull - don't you think? Though not the absolutely appropriate fixture - I think this chandelier would make for a nice centerpiece. And you know where I'm going with this, don't you?

Yumm! Imagine these delicious clover covers peaking out under that semi-transparent shade. I am tickled green! Are you? Well - if you are, there is no place but here to find your new candle covers, which are sure to invigorate any lamp, sconce, or chandelier in your house. With a variety of options in solid colors, to a number of color combinations in interesting patterns, Kaarskoker is the place for you. Take some time to browse their selection, and thank you G for this great website full of new ideas and inspiration!

Some of you may have also noticed a new button on the blog in the upper right hand corner. Color Outside the Lines has opened a blog bazaar, and I'll be working on updating that blog with new and fun home decor accents, and hand-made (by yours truly) decorative items and furniture over the weekend. If you're interested in anything - let me know.