Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Bit Behind

I knew at some point I'd have to take apart the Christmas trees and start the tedious process of organizing it all into separate totes. Piece by piece I took what was this years living room Christmas decor:

until it was simply a skinny 7.5 foot, pre-lit tree. (Which happened to missing some lights near the bottom - not sure when that happened!?)

This process took all day Saturday, and well into my day on Sunday. Throw in a few hours at my real office doing the kind of work that keeps the lights on over here at Color Outside the Lines and Casa de la Vanderdogan, and I had to have a glass of Cakebread to calm the nerves!

It was, and is a floral bonanza in our house. Ornaments, picks, flowers, and greens from baseboard to crown. 67 ornaments were on that small tree, not including the simple glass ornaments you can buy 6 to a pack. (I use those for the first step of my layering process.)
At about 9:15 tonight though, the living room was back to normal - and, spotless! I have yet to "scape" the mantle, but will in the coming days.

Like the new mirror? $1.98 at Linens-n-things closing sale. Last day, 99% off - that's right, it WAS $198.00! It is way too dark for that space, but I figure with some faux painting and a some goo-be-gone on that mirror, we'll be in business!
Stay tuned for more on the saga that is the exit of Christmas decor here, and if you were hoping to do some shopping at the Bazaar this weekend - and I know you were, there will be new things added later this week! Have a happy Monday!