Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back in the Real World

Back at the bungalow now known as the "real world" I've come face to face with a challenge I didn't want to take on: the interim mantle. I've ordered some great things for the mantle that will last well into the spring/summer, but they haven't arrived yet - some of them coming from as far as South Africa.

So I went searching around the basement of real, while still longing for the basement-less house of dreams and came across a few great baskets I've collected over the past year.

I don't know what prompted the collection, perhaps it was the discovery of the cart turned coffee table that got my mind geared on all things primitive. No matter, as they turned up, I bought them - and needless to say, ended up with quite a few to choose from:

Why not hang them on the wall, I thought!? It's the perfect way to blend things I obviously love in with the house, and with their somewhat primitive nature, they fit nicely in with the other pieces, like the cart and apple press barrel:

The iron basket was a steal at Linens-n-Things closing sale: 79 Cents! Granted, it had a very country looking iron sign on it that said "Harvest", but once that was gone, it was perfect!

The candle lanterns on either side of the basket vignette were picked up at a garage sale minutes from my office. A lunch break looksy-loo turned quite lucrative when I happened upon these copper babies, stamped 1899 Pittsburgh. They were used outside, so they're quite weathered, and actually now more closely resemble bronze. They were $1.
The door leaning against the wall (behind the chair) was also a great bargain. Originally a section of a bifolding, actually quad-folding garage door on a Victorian Garage built in the early 1900's, I scored this at an antique mart for $10 - thanks to paying in cash!

So, there you have it. My pseudo primitive, but rather interesting collection of what-nots, turned mantle art. Of course this is temporary, so look forward to another change. What's in the future? Think turtle. Happy Sunday!