Saturday, April 4, 2009

Inspiration with Abby

I come across inspirational images daily, and when I find something that's truly worth blogging about - I bring it to you right here. With Fido Friday starting next Friday, I decided to let Abby, my 3-year old Golden Retriever (Remember that's 21 in Dog years) give her two cents on what she sees in these pictures too. (above) I'm loving the clean white walls and lofted feel of this space. It's simple and uncluttered, but yet it still doesn't look unfinished. The bordered seagrass stair runner is beautiful, and helps bring in that ocean feeling with deep navy - a theme that's pulled through the rest of the house beautifully.

Umm - I'm thinkin' it's a little too white here, Dad. I mean, sure it's beautiful and I can see why you're pawing the screen, but it's not my taste. And why isn't there any art on the wall? Are they afraid to mess up their new house?

That seagrass rug is pretty, and it'd help us get up the stairs. You should totally invest in one of those dad! Totally!

Here you get a chance to see how the designer wrapped the blue in throughout the house. No doubt this is a beach house - evident not only through decor but also the glorious view from the window. It's the juxtaposition of old and new, rustic and elegant that I love so much in this room - and it's a little tempting to throw caution to the wind and run out for a new linen sofa. Le yum!

Le yum, is right. That wood is down right delicious looking, I could gnaw on that table for hours - heck, days from the looks of it.

Oooo - and look Dad! They've got striped pillows like the ones you made ... sorta. Your's totally look so much better! Only thing I'd be worried about here is those white curtains ... and rethink that linen sofa, k? I don't wanna be a latch-key puppy, and you know what Scott will say!

Here, in another view of the same room - you get to see how large the rooms really are of this beautiful seaside retreat. Large enough for two seating areas, I love how the furniture here is mixed and matched, with leather and linen, loose slipped with tight backs and nailhead trim. It's a play on lines and form, texture and weight - and it is pulled together perfectly by having a very similar palatte with color, cream and blue. Oh, and isn't that table amazing!?

And another chewy delight - rock on Dad! You get the best pictures of delicious design.

I'm not sure I like this other living room though - I mean, what's wrong with these people? Do they not like color? I mean, other than blue? I still haven't seen any art, no books, no shoes to chew on, I understand it's styled but - shouldn't it look like people live here?

Mirrors look to be the only thing on the walls here, other than a few pieces of mixed art, which all have a nautical theme. Understandable, as the light from the water will reflect nicely in this space. But Abby does have a good point on how art and life can really make a room feel better.
Here in this dining room - you see once again the mix of textures - hard back wooden chairs, with slipcovered armed parsons. I think that having the walls be white is really helping the beauty of the wood in these rooms to shine, and the choice of mostly neutral collections, will help the owner to really switch things up when they're tired of the white and blue. Can't you just see this with some great black geometric fabrics?

Umm, no, Dad. I can't. I don't like black, and I don't like black and white. Case in point - D! Can you get him to stop biting at my ears please? It's really not funny anymore!
Oh, back to this space! FINALLY, some art, only reflected in yet another mirror. Well, not that I hate mirrors, I mean - look at me, of course I own a couple, but you know what'd I'd have above that buffet? A beautiful painting of a golden retriever - resting in a field of bluebonnets.

And life, see Abby - it does exist in this house. You just have to wait for the right angle to show up!

Oooo, yay! Books, and color, and clutter, and reality of living! I love it! Two paws up!
Oh, and check out those chairs, Dad! Did you see em? If we had those I could push D around the house when you weren't home.
Uhhhh, rut ro! Did I say that out loud? Of course we're perfect angels when you're not home! Always!

This house really has me thinking about switching around some furniture tonight, and with Abby's help - I think I might just post some snap shots to see what you all think tomorrow, and don't forget to mark your calendar for Friday, April 10. Fido Friday with D & Abby will showcase an interview with Mister, Gollum's Happenin' Yorkie, and a giveaway your fashion forward dog is sure to appreciate!