Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Canine Transformation: Part 1

If you've been following our Dad's blog for any length of time, you've likely seen the living room change ... over and over and over again! But if you think you've seen them all, trust us, there are hundreds of things he tries and never takes pictures of.

We've watched his attempts over the years, and each time he puts something together we paw all over it ... but secretly, we have always had something else in mind.

This sofa is quite comfortable, and it's big! REALLY, REALLY BIG! So I (D) had an idea to switch it up a bit. But first I needed a better look of the room, higher up, from a human's perspective ...

so I had Abby give me a boost! Once I got up there, I knew exactly what we needed to do. Abby was questioning the idea so I called her up.

That's when our plan really started to take shape. All we needed was a night alone, and the help of someone with thumbs! Once we got that, we could make this room perfect!

So I went off to find a human to help, and Abby did what she does best ...

Eventually - Abby got up off of her hind quarter and helped me and our found human (Dad) push some things around ...

And voila. When we first moved to New York, before D was around ... oh, those were the days ... Dad and D2 got these 4 leather chairs, and large ottoman. I remember that Dad tried several arrangements.

I'm not sure why he ended up using the sofa in the living room, but D and I always thought that the room would look much better with the leather chairs around the ottoman. Then, we switched around some of the side tables, had Dad by a bridge lamp and recycled pressed paper shade, but everything else pretty much stayed exactly where it was. How's that for a quick change!?

First we tried my (Abby) set of accessories for the space. A large wicker tray/bowl Dad bought at Pottery Barn filled with books D2 (Scott) loves to read. A zinc urn held a beautiful arrangement of orange tulips, and I put some books and a bowl D2 found in Texas on the side table.
I love the look of throws gently perched on chair arms - so I had to arrange this one just so. Oh, and I changed out the apothecary jar with the mini bottles for one slightly larger. I like that it looks 1/2 full now.

I forgot to mention we got 4 new pillows, covered in a delicious flax colored linen with white piping, and of course - filled with Down, always Down!

And looking into the room now, you see that there is a completely different layer of sophistication to the room. We like to call it, Yuppy Puppy.

But Abby failed to mention something to you great bloggy humans! I had my own ideas for what would work in the space. Sure, Abby's ideas of accessories were ok for a blonde! But I wear a tuxedo everyday! I know sophistication.

First I put together this ottoman vignette. Two of D2's favorite cast iron replica's of moi on a tray covered with grasscloth, adorned with my own tulip creation! I took the other apothecary jar that Abby didn't need because she wanted things to be 1/2 full, and did a layered moss and stone botanical planting with beautiful fresh tulips in a silky white with lemon centers.

The white really helps to bring the white mats of the bullfight prints (Picasso) and the white piping in the pillows we had Dad buy onto that ottoman. Plus - with the dark ebony stain on the tray, it helps give those chairs some balance. Abby was on track - but really, this is chic! I moved her urn of tulips too - and I bet you're wondering where!

Right into the very space where we moved the sofa! The sofa was so comfy it had to be in the sunroom where we could lounge about all day, sunning and watching Judge Judy! Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Before the sunroom held two of the leather chairs, and the ottoman that we moved in the living room. Now, with the help of our Dad, (although I did almost ALL the heavy lifting) we have a comfy space that can easily be opened up into the living room - or closed off into it's own space. Oh, the doggy naps we'll have in here.

Of course, we know you're looking forward to more pictures of the sunroom, and I bet you're wondering where else we've had our decorating paws. Check back tomorrow and Wednesday!
OH! AND! Dad said we get to be a part of Tablescape Thursday! So, look forward to that post, too!