Monday, May 4, 2009

My Style: One Photo

A few days ago, Vicky at Room Service: Decorating 101 asked me to find one room that described my design style, and here it is. Some of you might be shocked to know that I could spend a whole day in bed. Sure, I've got projects going all the time, and almost every frying pan is sizzling on the backburner - but I could lay in bed with my laptop or a good book all day long. (Not everyday - but you get the idea!)

This bedroom from the Ralph Lauren Home collection is a perfect marriage of all the things I love in a bedroom.

  1. Dark walls: I love that cocooning feeling of being in a room (especially a bedroom) with dark walls. My own bedroom is an old Martha Stewart Shade called Monks Cloth. A soft gray-brown that is just dreamy. The walls here are probably a charcoal, maybe even black. Oh, so perfect!
  2. White sheets: I'm not against colored linens - decorative patterns on duvets, or even the occasional mix-match, but there is something so wonderful about having crisp, clean, lavender scented 1100 thread count white sateen sheets on a bed.
  3. Cashmere: If you can afford it - here's where you splurge. We spend 24 years of our approximate 80 in bed, so you might as well be comfortable. A cashmere throw, or in this case a cashmere throw AND a cashmere coverlet fit the bill perfectly!
  4. Candlelight: 'nuff said.
  5. Adequate lighting: Love that lamp - perfect for a lazy day of reading, or blogging.

So there, you have it. My style in a photo - clean, sophisticated, and personal. If you're up for the challenge, play along! Check back in tomorrow for a few shots of our newly blooming garden! I'm so excited!