Monday, July 6, 2009

More, More, More

With the Garden Walk happening in just 5 short days, there is so much to be done around Casa de la Vanderdogan and not nearly enough time to finish it. Planting, weeding, mowing, trimming, cutting ... you get the idea, it all needs to be done, along with finding those cobwebs that hide until someone pops out with a camera and then * POOF! * there they are!

With so much to do I feel as I've neglected the blog, and all of my wonderful readers and friends. I promise that once I get through this hurdle, I'll be back with some more fantastic news and a whole slew of projects! For now, just a quick thank you to everyone who left such beautiful compliments to my article with the Buffalo News. I'll get back to each of you individually very soon!

And for even more more more press, check out the Niagara-Gazette feature on our upcoming Garden Walk, Saturday, July 11.

Look at Scott, proudly announcing his self-proclaimed status as "GARDEN KING" ... hahaha! Yeah Right! I mean, of course you are dear!

And if you didn't link over to the entire article and series of pictures from the Buffalo News, my dear friend and editor of Chic Galleria has posted the full article and pictures not on my blog last Saturday on the Chic Galleria website:

Please, don't mind the awful pictures of me. After a long day at work - I threw on whatever I could find, and did the best I could to keep my sanity while people roamed the house with cameras and notepads ... it was the best day and the most stressful day I've ever had. Thank you Beth for this and other fabulous press!
And off I go to do work related tasks, finish up and finalize Garden Walk details, and anticipate getting home to hours and hours of more yard work. Thanks again to the lot of you who had so many positive compliments to the article - I am so thankful to have you all behind me. Stay tuned for our next journey. Details soon!