Monday, August 31, 2009

Design Star Challenge 7, My Thoughts

Well, I have to say first - there is a difference between a landscape designer and an interior designer, with that said - I'm in shock at how this project actually had the biggest overall before/after transformation while the interior projects seemed to really fizzle.

The task: transform 10,000 sq. ft. of unusable backyard space into a modern oasis for a young family hoping to entertain, cook, play, and well - anything else that you might do in a back yard. The result:

Thankfully the pool existed, and whoever had the idea to pour the concrete to create a patio area around the pool was really thoughtful to a couple of things: 1) the pool needed deck/patio space, and this was a great solution because 2.) it helped to separate the pool area from the rest of the space, give it it's own corner, and it really ate up a lot of the yard. Not a bad thing in a space this big.

Unfortunately, it's just blah bland concrete. About as pretty as the side of a concrete building blocking your view of the ocean. Why they didn't opt to stamp the concrete, stain it, paint it, tint it before it was poured is beyond me.

With that said, let's get to the real problem with the space:

The $11,000 pergola. Now, let me say that Dan was my favorite and my hands down winner of the show this year. But with the blatant lying, the decision to spend 1/2 of a budget on a cheap looking pvc pergola ... I'm not excited. I 'm not impressed, and I think he should have gone home.

Similarly, I believe that it's time for Antonio to step back a few paces and stop running the challenges like a bookie. Last night I had an anonymous commenter who said: Cannot stand Antonio. Loved Lonni's comment, "arrogance and stupidity" he's definitely the arrogant one....would never want to watch his show....he just puts everyone else down.


Thankfully though, the snips from next weeks show seem to show Lonni really coming into her own. Oh how I long to see a real designer space ... that star rated room that the title promises us. Will we see it?