Sunday, September 13, 2009

Master Bedroom Teaser

Well, we're back at Casa de la Vanderdogan, and finally making progress in the myriad of tasks that I had lined up for us to complete before my vacation officially ends and it's back to the office I go. One of the top priorities was to put our Master Bedroom together (at least partially). Many of you may remember the bedroom before:

This was taken in the fall of last year. The colors in the room, a rich garnet and light creamy shade of gold. The walls are painted Martha Stewart's Monks Cloth - a color I borrowed from a friend in Texas and have used in a host of rooms since. The headboard here was attached directly to the wall with a cleat made from a 2x4. I fashioned the headboard from plywood, foam, and fabric, and added the nailhead detail. After a particularly grueling search for a headboard, this seemed to fit our want list ... until we found:

The Simone bedding from Pottery Barn, new for the fall. Scott fell in love with it, and I confess - I did too. We made a snap decision, purchased it, and brought it home. Problem was - it looked oh so wrong with that soft gold headboard. Perhaps it was the background of the print that made it feel so washed out - but it just wasn't going to work. So - off we went to continue the search for the perfect headboard.

Finally finding it at (of all places) Big Lots for a mere $299.00! A rich chocolaty brown "leatherette" with button tufting and low profile footboard was the perfect addition to the room, and it really allows the beautiful, rich colors of the bedding to take center stage. Now of course, this isn't all I've planned for the Master Bedroom. Stay tuned ...