Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 3/33: Bedroom Bookshelves

Day 3! This is a section of the library style bookshelves that are in our guest bedroom. If you remember the post I did about transforming these from plain, old, crumbling Sauder bookshelves into a beautiful hand painted furniture quality statement - you'll recall that I actually need every bit of space this 10' expanse of shelves provides. That, and more!

So this photo is purely a lesson in styling, as will be the case with most of the photos during the 33 days of Casa de la Vanderdogan. I apologize for the flower arrangement in advance! Butterfly bush and Russian Sage are the only things blooming in the Garden this month! Interesting in my styling tips?

  1. Start fresh. Nothing is more frustrating than looking at something that isn't working and trying to design around it. Take the books, decorating brick-a-brack off the shelf, and look at it as a blank canvas. With that in mind, always remember that what you DON'T put on the shelf, is just as important, if not more important than what you DO!
  2. Start layering your shelves with like items, the most (in this case books) and the largest FIRST. If you have several colorful jackets on your books, and they are blurring the color story you're trying to tell - try taking the jackets off the books. Almost all hardcover books are blue, black, or white/cream - so it will be a much easier color safe grouping. If it's just for pictures, then turn them around (like I have) for a more interesting and eclectic look.
  3. After you've put the books on the shelves (sporadically placing them by size) in staggered but flowing ways: some standing some laying - you'll have your base for your decorating items.
  4. Layer in your like items, placing the largest in first, and then the medium, and then the smalls. It's better to work in this pattern because you get to see where the largest gaps that need filling are. Pay attention to the combination of the objects. Take into account, the color, size, and grouping. Odd numbers in a series work really well, but a symmetrical placement of two like items on either side of standing books is equally beautiful!
  5. Step back and assess your shelf. You should have a wonderfully balanced and left-to-right proportioned decorative shelf that will be both functional and awe worthy!

Day 4, tomorrow: a Master Bedroom "desk".