Monday, December 7, 2009

December to Remember Day 7: Met Monday, Peacocks, and a Giveaway

Changes, they do a' happen. CdlV goes through many changes, sometimes as often as daily. Scott will leave with the living room looking one way, and a few hours later, it will be the dining room. Depending on my level of boredom, or my yearn for something new,I have been known to go a little overboard, making changes - sometimes expensive changes - without a lot of thought.

So I thought that for this Metamorphosis Monday I'd share with you all some of the changes from summer to fall to winter around CdlV. Thank you to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for that opportunity, and without further ado:

The front porch this summer. Remember my door debocle? I wanted it, Scott didn't. Look who got their way. It was a great addition to the house, which now is stored safely from damage in the garage to make way for the Holiday decor:
which you all got to see a few days ago on the first of the December to remember installments. I am sure that the screen door will go back in place as soon as I can get it there in 2010.

Remember when the dogs played decorator in the living room, and all of the leather chairs moved their way into that space for Spring/Summer? The mantle was a soft collection of some Picaso prints, antique brass candle sticks, primitive Eastern art, and old German hymnals. For fall, I changed things a bit ...

back to the painting Scott picked up in a thrift store in Miami, my old copper lanterns and hand thrown terracotta pots with baby ferns. The terracotta of course gave way to my orange obsession in the fall - one that has lasted even til now.

The mantle as taken today for the newspaper. A whimsical collection of different evergreens and even a few silk summer sprays for texture and color are wrapped in with some twigs and grapevine balls to add texture, and play along with the rustic lux theme we've got going on this Christmas in the living room. I added a mirror, and beautiful slag glass candlesticks that I can't wait to use come Spring.

And finally, the foyer. It did look like this in the summer:

But the space is limited in that room, and to make way for the tree I had to move some things around. What went in that space? Well ...

That's right. The peacock tree. And speaking of the peacock tree. Remember I said I'd share my favorite ornament today? Well look really close ... it's

these beautiful agate stone ornaments from Maureen at The Inglenook Decor. These BEAUTIFUL ornaments are such a wonderful and special touch to this tree. I plan on getting more for it, and the one in the living room. At just $4.50 each on her website - they're a real deal!

In the peacock tree.

So, being that Christmas is just around the corner, why not give a couple away? Thank you to Maureen at The Inglenook Decor for supporting this giveaway. 1 ornament will be given to 2 different people, so leave your comment here to be entered in the drawing. For a second entry, leave a second comment telling me how you're liking December to Remember so far. Anything you're waiting to see? And for a Third, entry - yes, three times the luck, click FOLLOW! I'll choose the winners on Sunday. Good Luck!