Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's not FINISHED but ...

edited to add: We're not quite finished, so please know that these are just updated photos to keep you in the loop! :)

Well, we finally found the charger for one camera, and I purchased a second charger for emergency situations - should they arise in the future; and after waiting for the exhausted battery to warm up, I can finally show you all pictures of the bathroom in its slightly unfinished state. Of course, the challenge is knowing where to start. I suppose at the entry is best:

The floor went from drab to fab with these octagon/dot tiles. Although they were a lot of work(read: pain in the butt) to put down, the overall effect is nothing short of classic and traditionally 1920's. The band of black dot tiles make a sizable rectangle in the middle of the room, acting as a simple and sophisticated area rug. This is something that Scott and I discussed for what seemed like days: "How many dots?" "Should it be in the middle or wrap around the outside?" "Should we fill in the rectangle with more black dots?"

I'm very happy with what we ended up with. Of course, there is still work to be done here. The tub needs to be faced, the quarter round to finish out the baseboards needs to be installed, and the paint needs to go up. Followed by no doubt, another coat of paint.

The addition of the 5' custom wainscot was something that I was hesitant of at first, but now I'm jumping for joy. It adds such character to the room that once had none at all. On the wall that now is free for display (thanks to the change of the swing on the entry door), I set up an antique pine wash stand with all of my favorite things. If you know me, or have been reading this blog for an extended amount of time - you'll know that I'm a lover of the rustic/elegant mix.

Here the rough and rustic nature of the pine washstand mix with the soft and elegant lines of glass spoons for bathsalts, carrara marble trays for crystal glasses filled with the softest of cotton balls and q-tips, and some cucumber & olive oil soap ... mmm, delicious!

An ancient hand carved wooden kitchen spoon is a great scoop for lavender bath salts, stored in this over sized apothecary.

TIP: Love to have a carrara tray but thank you can't afford it? This is actually nothing more than a carrara marble threshold from Lowes that I had cut to 12.5" in length. The $9 4"x36" piece of carrara already has a beveled front and back edge and is the perfect width for most scotch glasses like I used to hold our cotton balls and q-tips!

Nothing quite reads elegant spa bath like fluffy white towels, and nothing is better than having a calgon moment with a bottle of Pellegrino and soft music.
The sink and faucet were two of my favorite things for this bathroom. A console sink made from white porcelain and a popular but perfect bridge faucet made this bathroom really shine.

Bridge faucets can be pretty expensive. This one came from http://www.signaturehardware.com/ a great place to find amazing deals on superb products! Be aware, this faucet did not come with install instructions, so the plumber took quite a while installing it - all worth it in the end.

And the lights were quite a deal too! I had originally looked for sconces that weren't "bathroom-y" at all, but found that none of them were right for what I had in mind. Then I happened upon some sconces at http://www.rejuvination.com/ that I thought were perfect. Only problem was, at $149/ea. they were a slam to the budget, and I started looking for places to cut the fat. That was until I found the ones we installed at http://www.csnlighting.com/ for an incredible, WAIT FOR IT, $6.67/ea! These brushed nickel fixtures feel like a million bucks, with their heavy metal frame and soft opal glass shade. If you're looking to do a classic remodel and school house fixtures are on your list - check these out, you won't be sorry!
Speaking of never being sorry. I'm in love with our shower head(s). Every morning stepping into the shower is like stepping into a heavenly carwash. LOL!

Oh, and the mirror. Remember the mirror?

The rustic composure of its wood, and the clean and crisp lines of the frame were a perfect fit for my ideal bathroom, and with just a $10 price tag - yes, $10 dollars! I can't think of a better mirror for the space. Again, (in this picture) you get to take a peak of the beautiful lines the custom wainscoting provides to the new space.

So, there you have it - you've been caught up to speed. What's left? Well, the not so fun parts. Finishing the painting, the woodwork, and the window blinds and art install. I had hoped to get them finished this weekend, but the premature spring like weather we've had in WNY has had me outside enjoying the fresh air. Don't worry though - work on the pergola starts first of April, so I'll have this bathroom finished and picture ready well before then! Hope you've enjoyed the tour, please - let me know what you think!