Saturday, July 31, 2010

August Resolutions

So, I thought to myself the other night while reviewing some of the older posts of the blog and the growth in readership since I started writing Color Outside the Lines a couple of years ago, that I should be posting more regularly, and participating in events that I really enjoy. So, my resolve for August is to post daily ... hoping that each of you will find some inspiration in what I do around CdlV, and in the rooms and designers that I take inspiration from.

Here's what you can expect from Color Outside the Lines in August:

Each of the posts will be up by 2:00am, EST for your reading pleasure, and as you know - you can hop back through any that you miss if you can't make it by daily. Hopefully everyday at Color Outside the Lines will engage you and keep you inspired and motivated to create. After all, that's been the intention all along. We'll meet again - tomorrow.