Thursday, August 19, 2010

THURSDAY: Featured Tablescapes

Firstly, I'd like to thank Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for her meme, Tablescape Thursday. I've wanted to have the time to participate all month, and each time I think that I have the hour needed to put one together - something steps in the way. But, rather than cry about it, this week I thought that I would share with all of my readers some blogs and tablescapes from Tablescapes past from other bloggers.

Susan's tablescape meme is a wonderful opportunity for people to put their creative juices to work - and for them to be able to pull out some of that gorgeous china and silver that they otherwise reserved for the finest of company. And who can blame them really?! Gosh knows I have plenty of plates that have to be washed BY HAND before they can even go on the table, then washed again BY HAND before they can be put away. Oh, and my grandmothers silver - clean and polish, then use and clean (no soap) and polish. It's a nightmare - but oh so beautiful.

Some of my favorite tablescapes from bloggers who aren't afraid of a little elbow grease in order to give us beauty at every turn:

Beaux Mondes Design :

Julio is a brilliantly talented designer. Brilliantly talented. Focused on the elegance of the classic traditional interiors, Julio's blog is literal eye candy at every turn, and when he posted this beautiful tablescape set under a heritage pepper tree in the grand lawn of his friend's historic home in Sacramento - I fell in love. Take a look:

Gorgeous, right? Who wouldn't bend over backwards while jumping fences to be a part of this party!? I know I would!

Affordable Accoutrements :

If you've ever been to Susan's Tablescape meme then you surely know Bill of Affordable Accoutrement's. However, many of my readers may not know him yet, and I refer him with high praise! Head over and check him out. Each month Bill puts together gorgeous tablescapes, and his ability to pair Walmart with Wedgewood, Dollar Tree with Royal Daulton, and Goodwill with Waterford is remarkable. His tables look high end - when often, they were low cost. This particular tablescape was his $100 challenge - and boy what a homerun he hit with that one!

Oh, and if you're looking to skip the search for the finest tabletop, Bill has an ETSY store that will be a great place to check first! Check it out here:

Between Naps on the Porch : How could I do a feature on great tablescapes without featuring the hostess? Susan constantly wows - week after week after week - with tables set on her porch, in her home, and my favorite, her garden. This particular tablescape was set for two, and the colors were perfect for spring. But the best part wasn't the table, or the plates, or the place - but the post. It was set to Lord Byron's: She Walks in Beauty Like the Night.

So perfect, right?! Yes, Susan - like all of the participants of her meme, have a flair and flavor for creating spectacular tablescapes seemingly, at the drop of a hat. And the what's better - she allows me to throw my hat in the ring as often as I want! :)

Now, of course, these aren't my only favorites. Remember, I'm strapped for time here! There are amazing tablescapes each week from each participant - so if you haven't stopped by to check them out - please, go over now and take a look. I know you're going to be inspired. I am. EVERY. TIME.

Don't forget about Vignette Friday's tomorrow! I promise, my vignette will be all new!!