Monday, August 30, 2010

Secrets from a Stylist Debut - My Review

First things first - I love Glee. I'm a total Gleek, so this was great for a few reasons: (1) Glee's co-creator Ian Brennan was the client, and (2) my pick for design star winner, Emily Henderson's debut show!

So, right off, was it just my television or were all of the images leading up to the interview with Ian off just a bit? They were blurred in the corner and it looked like someone clicked on sharpen one too many times. Anyway - we meet Ian, and Emily performs her "Style Diagnostic" where we find that Ian is a fan of the aesthetic of the Late 20's, Early 30's, which Emily translates into masculine, sturdy, safe, not at all presumptuous. The before for reference:

After the first set of commercials, when Emily started to put it all together, I couldn't help but to smile. I too put together a mood board for myself and clients, and seeing her paint Ian's living room gray, it made me wish all of our woodwork was painted, and that I could paint my walls gray! But, gotta get rid of that thought - as Scott would literally shoot me! Just like Emily, Scott thinks that painting wood that's older than 50 years takes away it's charm and character. So enough about our house and back to the show. Layer 1: FDR Chic - MY FAVE! (sorry for the poor quality pics!)

The idea of layering things into the room was great! When Ian took a look at "FDR chic" Emily's 1930's inspired modern space he was impressed, but found it to be too "historical", and wasn't sure if it was the "whole me" so - she set out to layer in the second style British Invasion Modern.

As a side note - I could have lived in the FDR chic space all day long! I'm just sayin'! As she layered in the second style, I hated to see that sofa go, loved the new metal trunk! (last poor quality pic!)

When she showed Ian though - and I guess that's who matters seeing as he lives there, he said: "This is totally awesome." Was I the only one who said "Where did she get that HUGE rug for $179??!?!?" I know I sure did - so I did the searching for us. She got it here! Appx 6x8 for $179, 8x12 for $299.

So back to Ian - he gives Emily reason to layer in ONE MORE style, when he says "It's beautiful, but I think I prefer the previous 'vibe' - FDR Chic" YAY IAN! Ok, so then she drops the bomb - "We're restyling the whole house!" I mean, come on! Who else does that on HGTV!?!? Oh, I'm loving this show!

Ok, so she adds in the third and final layer: Backpack Traveller, for the final transformation of the living room and the other rooms in the house.

Ian's final thoughts, he LOVED it! (P.S. I loved it too, but missed that leather sofa tremendously!)Emily completely took everything that was most important to Ian and transformed it into a beautiful, masculine, and sophisticated space perfectly inspiring to me and I hope all of you! And just in case you're listening Emily or HGTV, you're more than welcome to send me the FDR chic items you didn't get to use in Ian's living room! They'll be right at home here at CdlV! Kidding ... ok ... I'm not kidding, in fact I'm shamelessly begging!

Now, What did you think of the show?