Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday: Inspiring Spaces by M. Elle Design

Ok, so - it's no surprise that I'd blog about it eventually. Who saw the cover of Elle Decor this month?

"The Peak of Rustic Chic", this feature on a cabin in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho, embodies what my aesthetic is all about: comfortable and well-lived with a rich traditional flavor. Designed by M. Elle Design, this home is magnificent; the unique and thoughtful culmination of the beautiful mother daughter(s) trio based in NYC and Newport Beach, Ca.

The portfolio of this team is nothing short of stunning. Striving to "combine understated elegance and comfort, while staying mindful of patina, provenance, and texture of all the materials involved", the three have amazing talent, and an attention to the fine details of a space that I've been missing in a lot of magazine featured spaces in 2010. Layered, but beautifully edited, the group (comprised of Mary Lynn Turner and her daughters Marie and Emily Turner) has benefited highly from Mary Lynn's European aesthetic, something she shaped while receiving her Master's degree in Fine and Decorative Arts from Christie's Education in London.

Refined, Elegant, Coveted and Timeless, this portfolio is one to keep in your favorites. I promise, you'll be inspired again and again and again ...