Wednesday, December 8, 2010


As we grow older, wiser, more adept to the understanding of what our lives are, were, and will be, I think our aesthetic changes too. The more we see, the more we experience, the better learned we are to the ways of design, and how we can put it together - even if that means duplicating work we see in other places.

Four years ago, Scott and I moved to this little house in Western New York. I was 24. Now, at 28, and after years of looking at the walls, listening to them, and understanding how we need rooms to work in this old house; coupled with a wonderful opportunity to see and experience great design and decoration, I've decided to impart a bit of change. Partially due to necessity, partially due to a growth and change in taste - I'm working feverishly to get it ready for a blog unveiling next week.

As with any room, time builds and shapes it, and no perfect room can be made in a week, but I have a vision, and a stubborn Taurean attitude to get it done. What's in store you ask? A shift from green to gray, from saturated to neutral, and from cluttered to a more thoughtful collection.

While I work, pour over these inspiration images I found helpful in my decision to change, I hope they provide at least a small dose of courage to you, too! Change can be, as Martha says, a very good thing.

Room Design by Brooke Giannetti : Velvet & Linen

Room Design by Brooke Giannetti : Velvet & Linen