Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our Home: New Colors

I was out of the office today, which allowed me the opportunity to take some daylight photos of the house to share with all of you. Photography in our house is usually done at night - since I tend to be busy or out during the waking hours ... so this is a treat, even for me. I've hinted, teased, and joked about changing the colors of CDLV for the past month, and I figure it's high time for you to see the progress that's been made. It's not complete - but close enough, and I hope you all like it as much as we do.

Some of you have been with me from the beginning - the tried and true, and for that I love you! I really do! But also love all of my new readers - and digging back through 500 posts is a bit much to ask. So, some background: the chairs are from Texas, we brought them here with us. I'm aware that they're a bit big for the room - but I love how cozy they are, and our friends never complain. They are the perfect hug while you cup a mug of cocoa or glass of wine, and have seen tears, laughter, and even some pain in their time here at CDLV. The above chair is mine. It's where I sit, sometimes very late at night, with a book, laptop, or notepad deciding how I'm going to keep you all coming back! The plaid blanket is my newest find - a favorite from my friends at La Maison Home in Chadds Ford, Pa., the chocolate fringed throw is cashmere from Gumps, the linen pillow with white cotton piping is Ralph Lauren, and the axis hide bolster pillow is from a dear bloggy friend who wishes to remain anonymous. :)

The first all wood piece leaning behind the chair is a piece of an old Victorian folding garage door. Scott and I found it in Springville, NY on our way to Ellicotville to enjoy the fall leaves about 3-years ago. It's bullseye carving is simple and sweet - and at a mere $5, I'd say it's been MVP in the room! The second piece, is a painted all wood, handmade sign that reads: HURLINGHAM. Scott picked this up in Virginia at a store closing. It was part of a display piece, and he was instantly drawn to the large graphic, and the price! $25~ can you believe it? We've had HURLINGHAM in our living room, then dining room in Texas, and in the foyer and guest bedroom of CDLV. Once the foyer went Monks Cloth (MS), the green didn't seem to work, and I'm glad. It gave me an opportunity to layer here, and bring in my favorite antique accessory - the clay parrot.

Chinese clay figurines are mostly seen in foodogs, and dragons, but every once in a while - if you're lucky, you can find a parrot or koi fish. I found a pair of these on eBay 2-years ago, and they've migrated room to room waiting to find a home. (I think one finally did!)

The baby roses are in a small silver plate sugar bowl and mercury glass vessel I found at Tuesday Morning. The wall lamp is Restoration Hardware, and the hurricane is a $9 vase from Christmas Tree Shop with a small brass candlestick that holds mini-tapers from an antique store in Boston.

We painted the walls Restoration Hardware's GRAPHITE, and I ordered a great seagrass rug with a beautiful chocolate border all the way around.  I don't know if you remember my frustrations about having my taupe cowhide rug, all dressed up with no where to go. It's PERFECT here!

I'm a nut for pheasant feathers. Have been for a long time. There's something so masculine about them, yet they're delicate and very feminine in shape. Earthy, Honest, Pure - they're a great statement piece, I think. This vignette sits atop an aged brass directoire table, a style popular in Hollywood Regency. I found mine on eBay, and kick myself everyday that I didn't buy more than one.

The parrot is one of a pair, and I'm on the look out for more. If you ever see them - and you're not buying for yourself - let me know!

This is an old pubsign that Scott scored at an antique store in Ohio. It's from England, oil on tin, framed in old architectural moulding and crown. It's lived here (happily) since we moved in. Luckily, at 6' tall and 4' wide, it hasn't had much of a choice!

More of the RL linen pillows in our chairs. The textile on the back of the chair are old kilim saddle bags. Scott picked them up while he lived in Turkey, and shipped them back - along with 20+ rugs. I think they add a great bit of color to the chair - and to the room.
 A close up of those bags, and their color and texture.
You might have noticed that I didn't take pictures with views into the dining room or sunroom. That's because I want to show that to you at a later date! So, this interesting vantage point on the fireplace. These paintings were picked up at the art walk in St. Petersburg, Russia. It cost more to ship them back to the states and have them stretched than it did to buy them! Two push up brass candlesticks with my Creative Candle 36" white candlesticks, and a beautiful white orchid in a tarnished brass dish we got at a thrift store.

The ottoman is from Pottery Barn, and although it is monstrous, I do love it. It's great seating ... and there have been a few naps on it too!

Of course, there are things that I am not finished with.
  • There's a beautiful knole sofa in my garage just waiting for a slipcover - which I'll make with a nubby canvas drop cloth. Then accent with tapestry pillows. (Look forward to a step-by-step on the slipcover process soon!)
  • Two pharmacy floor lamps for either side of the fireplace to provide great reading light for those leather chairs are on their way.
  • My fancy electric staplegun (the best $29.99 I've ever spent!) is going be put to good use for a 3.5 foot folding screen in burlap, leather, and nailheads for in front of my fireplace. (Remember - the fireplace is non-functioning!)
One day - soon. Til' then ... let's take a peak at the foyer. Remember I painted it, so it's a big change!

The foyer is small, and it's hard to take pictures of it - no matter how hard you try. A special surprise if you can find me in the photo ... howdy, yall! :) The mirror was a gift from my friend Melisa, the brass etching (of the dragon) was purchased at an antique store in Rhode Island.
The baluster is one of a pair - waiting for french wiring into lamps, the sconces - antique reproductions I painted with gold paint, the brass bowl is filled with clementines, and the white tulips are in a blue and white vase a blog reader sent me when I started my blue and white collection! Thank you Giney!
I'm guessing you are wondering what that beautiful gold piece of art is behind the etching. And I'm wondering if it would be best to have to guess for a prize. Hmmm, why don't we do that? Leave a comment with what you think the piece might be - and I'll send you a little something from the photo.