Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TUESDAY - LBCD : Laid Back California Design

If this picture doesn't immediately let you know where we're going in this post, then you've been hiding under a rock ... for a while. In fact, this house is quite possibly one of the most blogged about houses (from a movie) since Something's Gotta Give. It's inspired people to build houses, remodel houses, and decorate in a uniquely "Laid Back California" design. Now, it's not new ... the laid back California look ... no, it's been around for a long time, but the beautiful set of "It's Complicated" marries that old laid back California with the sophisticated decay of Europe.

I spent the last few hours enjoying (for the millionth time) "It's Complicated". Written for the Santa Barbara setting, (but filmed in Brooklyn in one of the most fantastic sets of all time!!!) it made me wonder just exactly what might be out there in Santa Barbara giving inspiration to fabulous sets and homes like this. So, off to one my other guilty pleasures: http://www.realtor.com/, where I found this beauty:

Gorgeous, right? And completely Santa Barbara - also, completely expensive. You can see the rest of the house here. But what do we really want to know? Who designed it! So, your favorite blogger ... umm hmm, ME!!! ... did a little digging and so far, I believe it's Mr. Craig Wright - famed Los Angeles interior designer with clients so affluent he doesn't NEED a website where I can dig up photos. But I'm on it - and we'll see a full feature on him next Tuesday.