Monday, August 15, 2011

TUESDAY: Inspiring Spaces by David Easton

There's something comforting about a traditional interior - whether the room is huge and grand, or small and simple. David Easton, master of traditional interior design for more than 40-years, is one of the worlds most sought after interior designers. From English Country to streamlined and contemporary, Easton's rooms are always beautiful, unique, and inspiring. His New York based design firm has a wealth of published work under their belt, so this will be quite a lengthy post of pictures I know you will all find as inspiring as I have. For more photos from the Easton portfolio click here! Enjoy!

David Easton has a wonderful book available in all book stores, and online here. I highly recommend it! It will provide you with tons of inspiration, especially for wall hangings, furniture groupings, and table top vignettes.