Saturday, October 1, 2011

Oh Boy-sporus!

No, not my house, not my dog. It's from, one of my favorite sources for fabric. Not only do they have a fantastic website, chock full of inspiration and pages and pages of fabric, but all of their stores are a joy to shop, and quite frankly, they employ people who know what they're talking about - which is always a plus, right?

A few years ago, while shopping their website, I came across a fabric they = incredibly = have been able to carry all this time. Bosporus in flax, by Covington. Now, I know you've seen it before - it's been photographed in magazines millions of times and used by tons of design bloggers. I have decided to use just a small bit of it in our Master Bedroom - which I've been working on today. But I wanted to share some inspiration pictures and ask my blog friends what you think of some design ideas I've got for the bedroom. You along for the ride? Here we go!

Gorgeous bedding collection at a big price-tag, $2500!! But it's beautiful - just a bit too much for what we're looking for in our bedroom. Although the fabric has a blue base, and very masculine colors, it can be quite feminine when it's used in such a mass.
I prefer it used as an accent fabric, like Deserae from Peeking Thru the Sunflowers blog used in her beautiful guest bedroom. I plan on using it as a large lumbar pillow along the width of the bed. Just like Joni's Bennison plaid pillow in her bedroom:

So, we know how I'll use the fabric. A nice touch, right? A small portion to make it feel more like antique tapestry, instead of mass produced fabric available by the yard. And in a collection of bedding consisting of a beautiful light blue diamond quilted coverlet and shams, and this beautiful linen number:

At just $99.99 for the king option, this Simply Shabby duvet cover and shams is a beautiful, neutral duvet perfect for just about any room. It'll also coordinate beautifully with the linen of the bosporus. But the bigger dilemma is the positioning of a random window in our room. For years, I've fought the urge to cover it up, but now I'm going to push through and orient the room the way I've always wanted to, which means I need to hide the window.

Remember when I showed this bedroom during our Tuesday series?

It's beautiful, right? And it makes me wish I had one of those super sized bedrooms that allows for a loveseat, or two chairs. But alas, back in 1920, they didn't lounge in the bedroom. At least not around here! So, nix the loveseat! Take a look at that canopy. What do you think?