Saturday, November 12, 2011

Family Values ...

I've had some pretty tough decisions to make recently, concerning my family still in Texas. My mother, struggling with health issues of her own, has now been forced to realize the depreciating health of my step-father, and I feel like right now, my family needs me.

While the tour of the house is on hold, the blog will be in full force while I'm away. I've scheduled a ton of  posts for the next few weeks simply titled "Love ...". These posts may include one or several images of things I find beautiful or inspiring to keep me motivated and joyful in the coming days.

For those of you who like seeing snapshots of my home, I'm including a few "A Picture is Worth ..." posts while I do my best to comfort my loved ones. I hope you find inspiration in these filler posts, until I get back to CDLV, and can inspire you with more of photos the house.

Until then, know that you haven't been forgotten, and thank you for your thoughts and prayers for my family.