Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Velvet Upholstery

I wasn't kidding yesterday when I told you that I was in love with Sally Wheat's new living room, in particular the pairing of white and gray, and that gorgeous gray velvet slipcover on her sofa. It had me thinking about velvet, and how well the fabric would hold up as upholstery or slip fabric. 

Designer Credit: Jeffrey Bilhuber

Designers have certainly used velvet for all sorts of projects for years and years - most notably luminaries like Jeffrey Bilhuber and Michael S. Smith, both known for their traditional, high-end interiors. 

Designer Credit: Michael S. Smith

But as we all know, interior design meant for photography and interior design meant for living are often times not one-in-the-same. In fact, more often than not, what you see in the magazine is nothing more than an advertisement for stores owned by the featured designer. And while we see pieces wrapped in burlap or deconstructed to the point of being useless, I think velvet has a much longer shelf life and is a lot more "livable". Don't you?

Designer Credit: Suzanne Kasler

I've always thought velvet was synonymous with traditional interiors, visualize old school Architectural Digest meets your wealthy Aunt Agnes. But it's becoming a very trendy fabric, sourced and used by some of the design communities most popular designers in homes both traditional and eclectic.

Designer Credit: Todd Romano

Velvet is a pile fabric, unlike linen or twill which is woven and blended. Which has me wondering how long will a velvet slipcover last, and when it starts to wear will it be as lovely as I hear? I've already ordered the slipcover for the sofa, from my favorite source: Comfort Works. It should be here mid-May, just in time for a little living room redo for a television interview I've been asked to do ... more on that later. So soon, very soon, CDLV will get yet another makeover ... somewhere in the corner of a dark office Scott is rolling his eyes.

Found: Southern Living

I'm keeping my long bolster pillow that we currently have on the sofa, but having it covered in the same ash gray velvet. 

Designer Credit: Andrew Brown

I think French pieces are so beautiful when upholstered in velvet, especially when they're gilded. I've already gilded my dining room chairs, so I'm happy to take on another project ... and it just so happens I have two French arm chairs in my basement that I think I might gild and upholster in stark white twill. With that gray velvet ... I think it'll be sharp, don't you?

Alright - I'm off to the races ... quite literally! See you soon.