Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Cobblers Son Has No Shoes ...

Isn't that the expression? The Cobblers son has no shoes, the Mechanics wife has a flat, the Doctor's daughter is sick ... I could go on, but what I find most amusing: THIS Designer's house is a MESS! And to make matters worse, we have a showing tomorrow.

Since June I've been involved in a shift in the house, I gave away the guest bedroom furniture and bedding, I bought a sofa, sold a sofa, sold all four of the leather chairs I complained about seemingly endlessly. The house has been a veritable swap meet, things coming in, going out ... in short, it was the WORST possible time for Scott to decide we need a new house.


To make matters worse, my foot is giving me problems again, and I fell down the stairs this morning. I've been working very hard at my new "old" job, and Scott has had to manage all of this by himself. If the person stopping by tomorrow reads the blog, I apologize in advance, and promise you - if you buy the house, I'll clean it before you close. 

What are you up to today?