Monday, September 10, 2012

The Lure of White ...

So last week, I posted a picture of perfection ... a family room with amazing moorish architecture, designed by Timothy Corrigan. The walls are a wonderful winter white ... and it has me hooked. Granted, I don't have this sort of architecture - never will, so I can't off-set the blandness with shocking, no jaw dropping ceilings or plaster finishes. So ... would it look nearly as beautiful?

A perfect example of white-ish being beautiful thanks in large part to amazing architecture and detail. I love Phoebe Howard, and I know that she would have delivered wonderful rooms - but without the wainscoting and moulding detail would this room be as interesting? 

Although the windows and soaring ceilings of this space are certainly adding to its interest - Steve and Brooke Giannetti chose white for these walls ... probably to help create a gallery like atmosphere for the rare antique rugs, furniture, and Steve's original works of art. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I've been admiring this room for such a long time. I even wrote about it several times ... course I'm not the only one! It was a big hit in blog land. 

Of course, one of my all-time favorite white walled rooms, the Manhattan apartment of designer Vicente Wolf. It pairs up all of my faves, that muted chocolate brown/gray color I love, antique gilded frames, and glorious accessories that shine! But he's got views, black windows, and a glossy white floors! I've got number 2 yellow pencil yellow floors and my woodwork is nothing spectacular. I also have no light, NONE. Maybe I should take this out of my inspiration files? 

Ah, John Saladino ... does he ever fail? No! Here white meets Belgian linen, velvet, silk, leather and antique tapestry. Granted, another room filled with great and interesting architecture, would it be nearly as interesting if it weren't filled with glorious furniture and donned with a $39,000 tapestry?

Joni shared Sally Wheat's home after a recent redo, and low and behold - WHITE! I used this room as inspiration for a long time. I loved this room. Still do. But the more I looked at my house, and my budget, I just didn't see how I was ever going to make it work. 

A little closer to what I've got going on here. Of course, I don't have the built ins or the authority to paint out my brick fireplace ... or window mouldings, but it might work with my room, right? 

Then I think of how much I hate the woodwork, I think of how much of a PITA it was to paint it all just a few months ago. The ceilings could use a good coat though! You might be wondering why I'm even worried about it after talking about the new house. Well - there hasn't been much interest in our house, and we're not sure what is going to happen at this point. As of October 1, both of the houses will be on the market, and we'll see what the eventuality is. 

Back to the point ... what do you think? White or Leave it Alone?