Friday, September 14, 2012


A little play on words there. I've had such a tough time figuring out what I should do for my living room, now that the leather chairs are gone, and chances are we're not going to be moving to BWC after all. Obviously, I'll be keeping my sofa, and the slipcovers I LOVE from ComfortWorks. But it's the other pieces that had me pulling my hair out.

Til' I decided on something ... with tufting! Tufting is so popular right now - you see it everywhere, from simple rooms like this:

To sophisticated, expensive rooms like this: 

It's a gorgeous way of upholstery that fits into any room. So it's no surprise you find it in catalogs like Restoration Hardware:


Ballard Design:

You name it, they probably have a tufted something in their furniture lexicon. So it wasn't hard to find something I could easily love. I really wanted something like the tufted slipper chair Brooke and Steve used in their Gilt Showhouse room:

And I had found one that was within my budget from

but I unfortunately waited too long, and it is now out of stock. Not unusual with the Baxton Studio stuff. So different inspiration pictures were a must. 

I loved the barrel back of this chair, and the cushion-less seat. The legs on casters were also a beautiful touch. 

And I loved the high back of these chairs, again with that cozy barrel style that just begs for long nights with a book or a glass of wine and good music! 

Then there was the whole idea of whether or not to match them up and do a pair, or have one that sings ... 

Like this gorgeous room with that stunning sofa. At the end of the day - I feel like having a tufted chair for me, and a separate chair for Scott. Something leather, or velvet. 

Or one great tufted chair with a pair of more simple and neutral chairs! Oh the possibilities!?!?

Maybe a pair of each! We were just at Brimfield and I'm still kicking myself for not buying the French daybed I saw for $450! Oh well! This is where I leave you today. Mulling over the addition. Do you have any thoughts? Anything tufted lingering or just finding its way into your home? Pics of the living room to come next week-ish! Happy Friday!