Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lacquered Walls

Design by Miles Redd

How many of you have seen rooms with lacquered walls around blogland, pinterest, or shelter magazines? I've always been intrigued, but have never had a room that could accommodate such a strong statement. Of course, I had hoped that I could lacquer all the walls of the living room/dining room/library of BWC, but it turns out that we're selling BWC and keeping CDLV for the time being.

Design by Steven Gambrel

But really, how do you think a room like this would be accepted by your friends? Would they come in and say: "WOW!!", or would they come in and think your painter made a mistake?

Truth is ... your painter wouldn't make a mistake. In fact, in order to get a look like this, you'd have to hire a specialty painter with experience in applying lacquer. After coat after coat of high gloss oil based paint, the final coat of lacquer must be sprayed ... it's not an easy job, and it's a long process! 

It's worth it though - right? I mean, when you can have a room like this, with walls that make such a statement - I suppose the cost and the time can be justified. IMHO, painted woodwork is a must in rooms that have lacquered walls. Natural woodwork just would not frame it the way it needs to be done. So, no lacquered walls for me - how about you?