Sunday, April 12, 2009

Metamorphosis Monday: Side By Side

Thank you Susan, at Between Naps on the Porch for hosting this great Met Monday! For more beautiful transformations, run over to Susan's blog. I received a wonderful gift from a wonderful blogger, and new friend, Karl of, and last week, which spurred the animals into a decorating frenzy that was worthy of met Monday! Below are some side by side changes that the animals did last week during their tirade of decorating adventures on the house, (read about them here).

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on the image. Here you can see the living room and how it has changed significantly just by switching out the ottoman and the leather chairs/couch. I love it as it is now, and I think the dogs did a great job with their first quick change.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on the image. An alternate view - the chairs really help to open up the space from the hallway/entry.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking the image. Here, probably the most significant change. The sunroom goes from dark and cozy to warm, light, and inviting with the addition of the sofa and seagrass wingback.

Click on the image to enlarge.

Click on the image to enlarge.

Click on the image to enlarge.
And now, back to the whole reason that these changes occurred, Karl Miller, and I had the proud pleasure of interviewing Karl for the blog, about his products and the joy he takes in and the quality of the products he provides. (Having enjoyed one of the beautiful items of his collection, I can gladly proclaim: SHOP WITHOUT WORRY!)
ABV: I've perused your online store,, and you've got some really great stuff! How do you go about picking the accessories, furniture, and unique finds that you offer for sale?
HG/KM:I design all of the furniture pieces myself. They have a vintage feel and are made to look old, like a family heirloom, but function as new. I prefer painted pieces with light distressing and natural tops to show the beauty of the wood. I shop all over to find accessories that will go with the vintage style of my furniture collection. I stay true to our natural elements, metal, wood, glass, and choose products that are "green" whenever I can. Barn stars made of salvaged tin from old barn roofs, old marine wood made into picture frames and recycled glass into display bottles. I also pick up special finds and may have only one or two available on the web site. It takes more time but I think it is great to have unique one-of-a-kind pieces in your home.
ABV: What moved you to start the store? What did you do in your life prior to being the owner of Hudsongoods?
HG/KM: Believe it or not, I worked in financial services for 25 years. With the recent downturn in that industry, I decided it was finally time to follow my passion and do what I enjoy most in life. So I left that career and started another in home design and now I enjoy going to work every day. It is great being your own boss and doing what you really love in life.
ABV: Your slogan is, "Homes are meant to be lived in" and I couldn't agree with you more. What's your best advice on getting that chic, but lived in feel?
HG/KM: There are no formal rooms in my home, each one is decorated for casual living, and yes there are TV's! I avoid using a lot matching furniture, my kitchen and dining tables are different than the chairs around them. I do believe in buying a few substantial pieces for each room, a large sectional, hutch or table and building around them. Achieving that lived in feel is choosing pieces that are not untouchable and that you can use without worrying about scratches or ring marks. They also should be pieces that you love, to look at and sit in, every day. Warm colors for the walls and fabrics are also important. My favorites colors are sage green and creamy yellow. I think those are the only two colors in my entire home, inside and out!
ABV: Buddy, your trusty side kick, and co-conspirator in HudsonGoods seems to love your products just as much as we do, which one do you think is his favorite?
HG/KM: Buddy, who by the way, is a girl, definitely loves the pillows the best. They are hand hooked from pure wool and she has been known to rest her head on quite a few of them. I recently purchased the "Lie Down" pillow for the store which features a dog. I had to get it!
ABV: And which is your favorite?
HG/KM: My favorite piece of furniture is the Bombay dresser. I love the curved lines and the antique white will go with any room color and the wood top is beautiful. Believe it or not, the top is stained with actual coffee grinds to get an amazing chocolate brown finish. My favorite accessory is the Wood and Metal Clock. (FEATURED IN MY FIRST IMAGE IN COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES FOYER) It is oversized and made of heavy wood and rusted metal. It has a rustic charm but can also provide a dramatic contrast in a very contemporary space. I have it over my fireplace in my bedroom and love looking at it every day.
ABV: You said you design all of your furniture. What do you think of when you are designing?
HG/KM: I think the inspiration comes from years of going to flea markets, estate sales and of course shopping. I always have vintage chic in mind and natural elements. I have a new spring collection coming out soon that features planked wood tables on metal bases. The inspiration came from antique wood trolly carts and industrial metal containers which are gaining popularity. An upcoming blog post will feature photos of the pieces that inspired the new collection which will simply be called, Metal and Wood.
ABV: Your rooms are featured on the very popular HGTV, RatemySpace site, where you've gotten really great ratings. What room is your favorite, and why?
HG/KM: I have to say that my back porch is my favorite. I live out there in the summer. I installed a royal blue awning with side panels that keeps it cool in the sun and the seating is comfortable and cushy. I live about a mile from the beach, so there is usually a great breeze as well. I will admit that Buddy and I have been known to take quite a few naps out there!
I was fortunate to have them showcase my porch on the cover of and in one day it received over 2,000 views. It is an amazing site!
ABV: What's in store for Anything new hitting the shelves soon?
HG/KM: I have several items for spring and summer that I will be introducing one at a time on the cover of the web site. They are mostly for outdoor living and include wood lanterns for the back porch, birdhouses, bird feeders, lemonade clocks and for indoors, one of my new favorites, a vintage red truck pillow. And of course the metal and wood table collection for places to gather with friends and family.
ABV: You have your own blog at Hudsongoods too! How has the blog world been so far? What can we look forward to reading there?
HG/KM: I have really enjoyed writing posts for the blog as well as reading other blog sites. There is an amazing amount of talent out there. I have enjoyed going to new places but I have also been lucky to meet some really great people on all of the blog sites. I never realized there were so many! I spent many years living in New York City and it is just a wealth of information and material. I enjoy bringing its unique products to people who may never get a chance visit. Of course, I try to find products that are similar to my own vintage style. Many of the stores I frequent also offer their products on-line and most visitors would never have the time to find many of the places. I do plan to introduce some of my own products on the blog as well and the antics of Buddy!
ABV: Any tips for what products everyone should have this summer?
HG/KM: Summer time is about enjoying the outdoors. Expanding your living space with the back deck or patio is a smart and growing trend. Make it livable with comfortable seating and great accessories. Wood lanterns, candles, plant stands, ferns and pillows. Eating outdoors is always great too and plastic dinnerware is now very fashionable and practical. I may offer some John Deere accessories next year for outdoor dining. I thought they were very retro and cool. I would also recommend buying a small package of Morning Glories and planting them in a sunny spot along a fence or deck. You will be shocked at how fast they grow and how beautiful the blooms are!
I really recommend running over to and viewing some of the fantastic accessories and furniture available. I promise you won't be disappointed in the wide variety, and beautiful craftsmanship of the items available. And don't forget to check out Karl's own beautiful backyard patio on his blog: and leave a comment - tell him Artie sent you!
Happy Monday!


  1. Woof! Woof! Looks fab! Are those pets for hire?????? ;)

    m ^..^

  2. Hi D and Abby...You did a great job of redecorating the house! I especially love the fresh colors in the sunroom!! I am sure that your Dad is enjoying your choices!I must also say that I enjoyed your interview wiht Mister. Great job! Have a great week and tell your Dad "hi" from me...Debbie

  3. Hi Artieness! Oh, my! Those little doggies are good! Give them some extra treats! Have they opened an office yet? :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Artie...I love the four leather chairs around that beautiful ottoman/coffee table. It looks so sophisticated! It really reminds me of the gorgeous rooms you see in all the best magazines...I totally love this look! Your sun room is beautiful...I love the colors and textures you have used in that room. Your home continues to just get better and better! I bet Scott loves the new look, too! I'll check out the interview. Wonder if I should go buy those John Deere dishes I saw at Old Time Pottery the other day. :-) Susan

  5. Artie--"the kids" did a great job! I love that ottoman and would love to see more of your house!

  6. Your post made me laugh! I thought you were going to show us pictures of your dogs leaving hair all over the sofa or nesting on a pillow. Or, if your dogs are like mine, drooling all over my pretty floors and creme colored sofa. :)
    Isn't it amazing how moving our stuff into a more harmonious position can make a space feel so much more livable?

  7. This is just beautiful! I love how inviting you have made everything and the cute interview. Thanks for your nice comments, I love your blog. Cindy

  8. There's only one word for your room transformations...BEAUTIFUL!

    I love the color of your sunroom. We have a similar color in our dining room and I just love it. I was never a lover of green but I've sure enjoyed it for the last few years. Very soothing.

    I'll check out Thank you for the tip.

  9. What a gorgeous transformation! Love the colors and fresh look!
    Also enjoyed the interview.

  10. Happy Monday to Artie!

    I love the changes you've made and I love how you've presented them side by side!!

  11. Wow Artie, wonderful interview! I think I'll have to go check out that site!

    Justine :o )

  12. It is amazing how sometimes just a few changes to a room can make a huge difference.

    Thanks for the interview and for the recommendation.

    Tricia - Avolli

  13. Artie, your transformations are so great - seeing them side by side is so fun! The clock looks wonderful with the secretary - i was wondering where you moved that piece!
    Great interview with Karl - I love his slogan and couldn't agree more - that homes are meant to be lived in! His porch transformation is amazing! I love the clock you have of his, and am off to see his site. Thanks for the introduction and the insightful interview.
    xo Isa

  14. What completely beautiful room makeovers. I just love everything! Nice job. Amy

  15. Great interview Artie...great transformation too! Kudos!

  16. Thanks for the inspiration and ideas...lovely transformations...

  17. You design animals! Great interview with Karl. Looks great!

  18. Isn't Karl a great guy?! I have really enjoyed meeting him & having him featured on my blog too. Great looking products he has. And how wonderful for you to get that clock!

  19. Loved the interview with Karl and all of the changes are just amazing. What great choices of colors and furniture. All the spaces look so new and different. Hugs, Marty

  20. I love the room changes. I've visited a few times.... I love Karl's stuff. A very interesting interview. Thanks so much for making such a nice comment on my post. You're very kind.

  21. Wow! Love the transformation.

    Thanks for visiting :-)

  22. Wonderful interview and, again, I just love what your kids did with your place. That is simply a delicious green for the sunroom walls!

  23. Hi Artie, thanks for dropping in at my blog for Met Monday! Sorry honey but I am really liking my new message board tray, so I can't send it. Greedy little Queen aren't I, LOL!!
    Loving your rooms, so warm, like that green sofa and the tulips in the urn. Warm comfy, really to relax in.
    I bought me some tulips today too, I needed a pick me up!
    Linda Q

  24. Beautiful home before and after. I love how you made the rooms look completely different!