Saturday, June 27, 2009

Share a Garden Sunday - Almost Garden Walk

Well, I finally found my camera ... on the count of three, lets have a collective YAY! 1--2--3, YAY!!! And because I found it, I was able to get a few photos of the garden today for the fourth Share a Garden Sunday! I want to thank everyone who has spent their time taking pictures of their gardens, and those gardens that inspire them to keep Share a Garden Sunday a weekly event. It's been a lot of fun! So, you know the drill! If you're playing along - leave me a note, and I'll link you up as soon as possible.

I'm still patiently awaiting bulbs and blooms in my backyard, though things are filling in quite nicely, and it all seems to be right on schedule now that the weather has started to cooperate a little more. As you all remember, I complained about the 7.5" of rain we got in just a matter of days last week, but, in light of all the set backs the rain had on the patio completion, it really did a fabulous thing for the stage of the garden. Things are happy, healthy, and on the road to being really beautiful!

Again, you can see that the color is still a bit lacking, but that again is due to the the true seasons here in WNY, zone 5. My flowers are mostly summer - fall blooming, so most have yet to get started. Give me a few weeks - and I promise, it'll be more impressive.

Please excuse my neighbors satellite dish ... no other way around it, really. That and their down spot, and their meter box, and their kitchen window. How lucky we are. ;) The banana is taking it's sweet time, but the dear friend who shared it with me says that I will see some serious growth on this thing in the next few weeks, and if I take the proper precautions, it will come back next year. Yes, a perennial banana here in NY. Now that's going to be something worth talking about!

And Earl looks happy as a clam, no? Now, for some close-ups of the favorites that just opened up or will in the next few days:

Raspberry beebalm. (I'm so happy I found my camera!) I love this stuff, and apart from the wait time, this glorious plant has been a super star performer in my garden. I can't wait for it to explode here in the coming weeks.

Purple Coneflower (Echinacea) - these I was a little worried about. It seemed like I had the lazy flowers on the street. When everyone else had beautiful purple coneflowers on their plants, mine were just lanky and green. But now look at them. Gorgeous!

The liatris (gayfeather) blooms in my garden til' fall in purple and white. This purple batch is about ready to open up. I can't wait to see the blazing purple with that white delphinium.

And speaking of, isn't it great? That white really helps the garden pop, don't you think? And the height of them really make a great impact. Next weekend I'll buy my annuals to fill in the barespots for the garden walk - and I'm thinking of white petunias, inspired by these beauties.

And finally, one of Scott's favorite, and one of the many contributions to the new garden - calla lilies. They're such a rare and unusual flower. ;) Thanks for taking a peak at the garden, now off you go to enjoy the others:
Deborah @ Midlife Poet
ChrisC & JohnJ @ The Great Wall of Lutz


  1. Wow...that bee-balm is amazing...I don't think I've ever seen that before.... Your garden is so pretty! I would like to participate again this week..I love this. Thanks again for hosting!

    Tracie K.

  2. Hey Artie - love your blog! I decided it is time to participate in Share A Garden Sunday and so here is my first attempt!

    Thanks for your hard work and good luck with your garden walk! Here is the link address......

  3. Calla Lilies. What a luxury! Beautiful!
    Happy Sunday to you!

  4. I'm thinking that white petunias would be great in your garden against those purples, fushias & silvers. Striking!! Sally

  5. Oh Artie! The Raspberry beebalm is exquisite! I have never seen that before. It left me breathless! Mine is not so much a garden post today as a Tea Party under the Pergola...of the wicked sort!!! But you might enjoy...**blows kisses** Deborah

  6. Artie -- here is my link for SAGS this week --


  7. Artie -- your garden is amazing -- I like how it is filling in and coloring up. Some great choices of plants and some favorite of mine -- the coneflower, liatris, bea balm. (Not seen a raspberry one).

    And I like how your bed curves.

    It's beautiful!

  8. Artie, I am joining you for this fun day..after seeing how beautiful your garden is, I nearly backed out of posting mine. But, oh, will be a lot prettier in another couple of weeks and I will join you again.
    Thanks for hosting this!!
    xo bj

  9. Artie -- there is Anise Hyssop in Linderhof's gardens -- nice plant with a nice bloom and yes, it can be used in tea. It is considered an herb. There is also this hyssop -- Agastache rupestris -- that coral colored plant in the window box -- smells divine and attracts butterflies as well. I think it would do find in your zone. This is a first year plant for me.

  10. Oh, how beautiful, Artieness! I've never seen bee balm before and it's gorgeous! Love the calla lilies too! Oh, so many beautiful plants! Makes me smile!
    Have a great weekend and
    BE a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  11. Oh wow, things sure are coming around aren't they? That raspberry beebalm is AMAZING.
    So, where DID you find the camera? That's what I really want to know.

    Justine :o )

  12. Your garden is amazing! What kind of grass do you have and how do you keep it so nice and green? All of your flowers are incredible!

    I would love to join in Garden Sunday. Do we just put the pics on our own blog? My garden is overwhelming me... overgrown big trees, dead grass, weeds, etc. More like a before pic! Still, maybe i can find a few pics to share that are nice.

    Your place is very inspiring! Have a beautiful blooming weekend!

  13. I love your yard!!! My hsb loves your!! Thanks for hosting this every wk I hasve fun looking at everyones gardens as the summer progresses.What are we going to do in the winter? ......Jo

  14. Artie, Your raspberry bee balm,
    gay feather, and the calla lilies are scrumptious! .
    Your garden is turning into a wonderful place. My brown thumb is getting lots of inspiration from everyone.Thanks for hosting.
    :-) Sue

  15. Thank you for sponsoring this delightful weekly event. Also, for sharing your garden with its wonderful plants!
    My post is up:

  16. Artie -- lemon balm is a cousin of mint. It does go everywhere -- but not by root by seed (so if you cut off the flowers (which aren't that pretty) before they go to seed you can contain it.) It's lemony and can be used to make tea as well.

  17. My bee balm just grows and grows,but no blooms.I've been told it doesn't grow well in the southern summers.It's growing but NO blooms.Dang-nab-it!
    Your garden is looking great,and we all have satellite dishes,etc. to contend with.Looks like you've done a pretty decent job of that!
    I'm playing again,this week.It's so much fun!

  18. Oh the Calla Lily is one of my favourites. I planted a few bulbs last Fall however none have come up. I am blaming it again on the pesky Squirrels. They are such little thieves. As of late that which has bloomed in my Garden(s) is being destroyed by something as well. It has been suggested to me it may be a Rabbit. LOL Give me a paintbrush or my sewing machine over a spade any day!

    In the mean time, I will just enjoy everyone elses Gardens. Thank you for sharing yours with me Artie.

    Hugs -Brenda-

  19. Your blog is soo cute & nice & very tasty!!

    Regards from Agneta in Sweden

  20. Love your blog...came here from Sweet Nothings! Going to have to charge up my batteries! Happy Gardening!

  21. Your garden is so beautiful and inspiring! I'd love to join in the Share A Garden Sunday too. Here is a link to my blog... Have a lovely day!

  22. joining late...
    loved your pics...

    come enjoy my newly planted pots and my updated island


  23. my bee balm never looked that gorgeous...i know you're loving that!!
    would love to set out in your garden sharing a cup of coffee.
    i love all your color
    and those lilies look like porcelain :)

  24. I'm late, I'm late. For a very important date! Hope you can still get me into your listing, Artie. I've featured the lovely garden of my sister-in-law who has a very green thumb! Thanks for hosting. Sue

  25. Hi Artie,

    I finally took some pictures, thanks to Robyn, and would like to share them. I have checked in on you, but find myself so busy lately that I haven't been leaving any comments. :( Hope you'll have some time to check out my blog

    As always

  26. I'm impressed! That beebalm is amazing.

  27. ~WOW! Artie I really love your flowing and full mulch beds. They look gorgeous with all the different styles of plants and flowers.
    Stunning job! :)

  28. You have a lovely collection of flowers. Congrats on finding the camera!!!

  29. Artie,
    you are The Artist... arrived.
    simple & beautiful as that.

  30. I have so much fun listening to your music while reading your post. You really have great taste in music! Your garden is doing great! I just got some cone flowers today....will try to get my act together and post our yard next week!

  31. Artie, I enjoyed the tour of your garden. I just received some bee balm from a friend and I hope it will look as great as yours does. Thanks for hosting Share a Garden Sunday. ~~Rhonda

  32. Calla lilies are my all time favorite flower. They were my wedding flowers. I am a zone 6 and didn't think I could grow them. Do you lift them over winter, or just replant every year?

  33. Your garden is looking beautiful. That delphinium is stunning, and so are the calla lillies. laurie

  34. Good Morning Artie,

    We've had an awful lot of rain and it seems to have taken the flower blooms well before their time, leaving lots of green but little color right now. Things we didn't expect to be doing keep coming up pushing planned project aside. :(

    Your yard looks lovely, I can't wait to see your new patio. I don't know if we'll ever get to the one we have planned for the pool house side of our pool,(the one I posted last year). Too much work and not enough enjoyment of our yard. I think we're all guilty of that.

    Take care my friend.


  35. Hi Artie, try though I might, I just couldn't make it here this weekend. I stopped by to let you know how much I like your garden. In another year or two it will be a stunner. You've done a really nice job. Blessings...Mary

  36. Hey Artie, I'm joining in on Share a Garden Sunday this week

    I may not be around on Sunday in time to sign in...Robyn

  37. Beautiful garden! I'm jealous! you have a big yard in Austin....

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