Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday: Inspiring Spaces by Pat & Stephanie Celii

We spent another wonderful weekend away in the Brandywine Valley these past few days. Every time I go there I leave asking myself - why don't I live here? This time we were there as part of the Winterthur conference series: Chic it Up, which was absolutely amazing, and I will blog about in short order - as soon as I get all of my photos and notes together.

In the mean time, and in accordance with our Tuesday Inspiring Spaces here on Color Outside the Lines, I wanted to share with all of you the most beautiful store in Chadds Ford, Pa., right inside of the Valley. La Maison Home, a shop owned and operated by Pat and Stephanie Celii, is absolutely, HANDS DOWN, the most beautiful and inspiring shop I visited this trip.

The mother daughter duo have an impeccable eye, and an ability to create a world of surprise and grandeur, sophistication and chicness, whimsy and elegance all at once. When we walked in, Pat greeted us with a big, almost southern welcome, "Welcome to La Maison", and from that very minute ... I was in heaven. Wanna see why?

Decorated for an elegant, french inspired Christmas, not a single detail is missed. This is the first view you have the shop upon entering from the street: wing chairs made from french linen and grain sacks, baluster lamps, baskets, crystal, pine ... it's glorious. Designer and shop owner Pat, was so kind to let me take photos of the space, and told me that she loved designing vignettes for the store. This one was one of her favorites.

Although not a sprawling space, La Maison in perfectly styled, furnished, and accessorized in a fashion that though a store, feels like an elegant home, giving you an immediate idea for almost every room in the house. Couple that with Pat's super kind and friendly personality, and her design knowledge - and this can be your one-stop shop for all of your design needs, and Christmas gifts too!

In another room adjacent to the main room you enter, a beautiful dining room, with an elegant table set with brass candlesticks, mercury glass votive holders, and beautiful brown toileware you immediately feel welcome and warm, almost tempted to ask: "What's for dinner?"

I absolutely love the large mirror behind the Swedish sofa in the space. That was an over sized antique window that Pat had mirror put into. Though not inexpensive, it's the perfect piece for a space that needs instant architectural interest (read) your builder box townhouse, and works absolutely amazingly as a floor mirror in this application - don't you think?

Her love of layering and decoration is right out of the Ralph Lauren school, and her curatorial eye for putting the ordinary with the extraordinary lends itself to one of someone who has years and years of shop ownership under their belt. But, surprisingly, this is Pat and Stephanie's first time owning a shop, and what's more - they're only 2-months in! Can you believe it?

Another first floor space showcases even more of Pat's beautiful vignette work. I'm particularly fond of the bust and books, but can you see why? Check out the beautiful push pin holder in front of the boxwood topiary. A simple glass or crystal candlestick with one of those awful tomato shaped pin holders turned upside down, wrapped with linen and tied with jute, and voila! Way to dress up your sewing room, or even a themed vignette! How many of you are going to recreate this? Honestly! I'm working on one right now!

La Maison home also carries a line of candles that are absolutely perfect for the holidays, and (if you were buying for me - are at the TOP of my list!) VOTIVO. Soy based, and poured into beautiful silver cups, these highly perfumed candles will scent your entire home with the smell of Joie de Noel, Red Currant, or Icy Blue Pine. Beautifully boxed, and reasonably priced - THESE, have got to be on your holiday gift list this year.

Upstairs, you'll find more rooms - as beautifully and tastefully decorated and stocked as the first floor. With bedding, lamps, art, pillows, rugs, stools, beds (yes, a whole lot of furniture!) and more there's something for everyone at La Maison!

The beautiful Pat Celii, who was oh so lovely and gracious as our hostess. If you're in the area or will be, you absolutely HAVE to stop in and say hello. La Maison is here:

La Maison Home & Keepsake Interiors, Inc.
810 Baltimore Pike
Chadds Ford, PA 19317
Phone: 610-388-1229

Wednesday - Saturday
10 AM to 4 PM
12 Noon to 4 PM

This December 3rd and 4th, however, Pat and Stephanie will be hosting a Holiday Open House with extended hours on those days:

Friday, December 3, 2010 10am - 8pm
Saturday, December 4, 2010 10am - 8pm

Stop in and say hello, enjoy the special pricing, and have a little wine for me, will ya?


  1. WOW Artie! What a beautiful store! I can see why you found is so inspiring. I live just outside of Baltimore, not too far from Chadds Ford, maybe 45 minutes. I don't find too many occassions to drive up that way, but I certainly will attend the Holiday Open House, and smell thos candles you were talking about. The horse caught my eye - when you see something like that in a shop - you know there's something good in store! Thanks for sharing! xoxo, Cathy in Baltimore

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  2. Lovely. Just lovely. Wish there were a store similar near me. Beautiful vignettes.

  3. Oooooo! I'll be there tomorrow. Are they closed on Tuesdays? SHOOT!

  4. Perfection Artie...my favorite are the little guys in the second to last photo and red and white quilts

    But...the blue room is just amazing! As is the hutch with the bird cage etc etc. OMG love it all!


  5. That is definitely a store I could get lost in for hours. Just gorgeous. I want that bust! Goodness, I could get into terrible trouble there...Your photos are wonderful Artie!


  6. What a beautiful and inspiring space!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. You are absolutely right, it does give the impression in the photos of being right in someone's home. I'm ready to move right in! : ) As soon as I saw the first two pictures I was wishing to just pick that all up and plop it in my living room. I love shops like this, so many details and visual eye candy! So many vignette ideas, too, perfect for your party!

    Love the oversized mirror; I'd love to do something like that even if it is with a purchased Ballard's one {should mirroring an actual window be cost prohibitive}. I'm looking to down-size next year so something like this will definitely help a small space appear larger. Great pics; thanks for sharing!

  8. Pat and Stephanie, if you're reading these, I wish I were there in PA! Your shop is to die for. I wish you all the luck in the world with it. You go girls!

  9. Wow Artie! What an amazing shop. Thank you so much for sharing all these beautiful photos. What fabulous spaces and inspiration. I'll be returning to this post throughout this season. Wish I was close enough for a day trip, I would be there today!

  10. Wow, that's a lot of eye candy. What a beautiful store. Wish I lived close enough to visit.

  11. Artie-What a fabulous shop!! Did you just stand there for a while with your mouth hanging open? Did you just want to move in? What a lovely place..and breath of fresh air. I am jealous! Hugs- Diana

  12. Wow...what a lovely shop...beautiful arrangements and items...wish I lived close to PA. What really caught my eye were the shutters with 3 peaks - how unique.

    You should write for a magazine - you have such a flair for actually making the reader feel as though they are walking thru the shop with you!!

  13. This is right in my 'backyard' so I will definitely make this a destination during this holiday season. Hidden treasure right under my nose!
    Do you know of any other places in the Chadds Ford area you can suggest?

  14. Wow, Artie, you are right! This store looks just like some magnificently decorated home we'd only have the pleasure of seeing in a magazine! I hope that she gets lots of exposure from your post. You really take great photos!

  15. I am in love with that white christmas tree in that room with all of the beautiful white around it. Simply smashing! I'm a big fan already ... how far is she from the DC area I wonder?? Hmmm ... may be time for a little road trip with the girls.

  16. Oh, oh, oh....I just want to move right in...right now. Just gorgeous!!.

  17. I agree, this place is absolutely fabulous. I love all the vignettes throughout that keep you spellbound. It is such a good thing this is across the continent! I'd be spending all my time and money in there. Thanks so much for sharing this oasis of loveliness

  18. OMG, Artie, I DO live in this area!!! I was wondering why I had never been to/heard of La Maison and then saw that you said they are only 2 months in. I will be going there ASAP! And I WILL tell them that YOU sent me:):) It is glorious and I can't wait to see it all in person!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much! XO, Pinky

  19. If I ever had a store, I'd want it to look just like this, Artie. How beautiful and so many things that I would fall in love with I'm sure. Wish I were closer.

  20. Oh I wish I would have known you were in town Artie, I would have met you!! I was thinking of going to the Winterthur conference, but I couldn't get out of work for the day. I have been to La Maison, when they first opened and you're right gorgeous stuff. I bought a small print and a bag of shells. Now that Christmas is upon us, I need to go back. Thanks for the reminder. Love your blog!

  21. Artie, I'm curious - was this place really expensive?

  22. I have you to thanks for entering the contest at the polished pebble...I had never been to her site and your blog directed me there...cool lamp, huh?...thanks again!

  23. Hi Artie, What gorgeous decorations. I could wander around in there for hours.

  24. How "ugly", eh? LOL... just kidding (of course!). This is stunning, stylish and it will never look outdated. Silver & white is so classic.

    Love it!

    If you have some time, please go take a look at my new post today. Thank you!

    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  25. Eeek, A! I am in LOVE with all those soft grays and all that glitter and shimmer.


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