Sunday, February 20, 2011

Seeking Sanity ...

These images of the personal home of vastly talented Vincente Wolf, are a wonderful representation of the calm and easy peace of mind I'm so desperately searching for this very moment ... ahhhh, bliss.


  1. Really, really like these images. So not my style (too stark white), but they spark the 'like' button in me.:-)

  2. Interesting, Artie. I think there are many of us, myself included, in the midst of the same feelings. Check out Sherri's post today at Inside Out Design, she did a great thing to make you think on Ghandi and Oprah! You might find it speaks to you. :)

  3. love his work. I am drawn to rooms with no rugs.... in Dallas I took up the rug in the living room and let the beautiful wood floors show. I love the fresh feeling it gives a room.


  4. Black metal windows...and black and white photos....yep. Peace!