Monday, October 17, 2011

Calico Corners $1000 Giveaway!

I buy a lot of fabric for my clients, and myself, from Calico Corners. In fact, I have often times gone into the Calico Corners store just to gather inspiration for projects, or get that sense of calm that sometimes only beautiful textiles can give.

Right now, I'm in love with so many of their newest prints ...

The Jamil animal print is a designer favorite, and is being used in so many photo shoots it's almost impossible to turn the page of any shelter mag and not find it, from the small touch as a bolster pillow - to the dramatic upholstered wall.

It's a favorite of mine, and I've currently got plans for it in my home office! Stay tuned for that reveal - you'll love it, I promise!
The visual director who puts together these gorgeous fabric boards really has their eye on the pulse of design, don't you think? I love how they mix unexpected colors and varying patterns together to make the perfect overall look! If you're stuck when planning or designing your rooms, check out their website for inspiration. You might just find that you could jazz up that boring plaid sofa with some apple green ikat pillows (ala Ghiza Outdoor in Leaf) or perhaps find the confidence to mix animal prints with geometrics or florals.
This collection, "Simple Sophistication" had a great deal to do with the direction I took in my living and dining room re-design. Nothing gives a room more mass appeal than a soft neutral palette derived from shades of luxurious gold and champagne.
And just look at this room to the left, and the collection that built it to the right. Who wouldn't want to live here? And, Calico Corners, just in case you're listening and need a designer to build these rooms for you in Buffalo - give me a ring!

Now, I could hardly believe it when I heard that Calico Corners was having an amazing giveaway! Not only are they giving $1,000 store credit to the lucky FIRST prize winner, but they're also gonna give $500 to the SECOND prize winner, and $250 to the THIRD prize winner!

Can you just imagine what you'd do with all of that FREE money to shop at such an inspiring store and website?
And if you can't think of anything right off the top of your head - ENTER ANYWAY! You could always hoard it for a rainy day ... hmmm hmmm, or give it to me. Shhhh! I won't tell! Now, what do you have to do? You're gonna jump up and down this is SO EASY! No linking, commenting, blah blah blah. Just head over to the Calico Corners - Calico Home Facebook Page and enter your information into their form, and done!

Here's the direct link:!/pages/Calico-Corners-Calico-Home/260960165337?sk=app_143103275748075

Now, hurry over and do it now! The chance to win ends December 12, 2011.


  1. Wonderful images, the colours are marvellous!

  2. Thanks, Artie- Iwent over and signed up! Can you imagine winning? xo Diana

  3. Couldn't agree with you more Artie as Calico Corners is definitely one of my favourite resources for fabric!

    Unfortunately I am not on facebook (nor do they have a store in Canada) so cannot enter the contest, :( but Good Luck to all those who enter.

  4. Great info about the contest--even I could enter and I am mostly challenged on FB! You always have great ideas!♥♫

  5. I adore Textiles... particularly Vintage & Exotic Textiles. These are lovely & the Inspiration Boards are so well thought out and put together.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. Good morning, Artie! Yes, there are gorgeous fabrics at CC! The store here has switched to just shipping direct from the factory, with small bolts, less the store. I love to walk away with the fabric, so I'm not real excited with this new plan.

  7. Artie, Thanks for the wonderful giveaway info! I love their fabrics. Isn't that chest in the bottom image just gorgeous?